What does the facade mean?

Scaffolding costs: This is how much money you should plan for scaffolding on the house

Many situations call for scaffolding to be set up on the house: A scaffolding is indispensable, for example, if one Thermal insulation should be attached if a Roof renovation pending or if you have the Repaint the facade want. But other work on the facade also requires scaffolding, such as:

  • Facade cleaning
  • Facade renovation
  • Facade modernization

It is also for everyone Working on the roof scaffolding required, especially for Refurbishment and repair work as well as any work on the windows in the roof. In these and many other cases, scaffolding ensures that the craftsmen can safely go to where they have to work. So before the craftsmen can start their work, you need to take care of scaffolding.

The Scaffolding costs are added to the actual costs for the craftsmen. However, many homeowners do not know exactly how much scaffolding costs and what aspects the costs depend on. For this reason, in the following Heimhelden.de guide we would like to get to the bottom of the question of what costs you should plan for setting up scaffolding.

What does a scaffolding cost?

To illustrate the cost, we have below one small cost example created for you from practice:

    Work carried outprice
    Delivery, erection and collection of the scaffolding including acceptance540 €
    Total rent108 €
    Total cost for five weeks648 €

A facade scaffolding is required to scaffold the facade of a house. The scaffolding must be for Plastering work on the facade be suitable. The facade shows a Area of ​​120 m² on. After the originally planned idle time of four weeks has expired, the scaffolding must remain in place for another seven days.

Although the prices for scaffolding can vary widely, on average you will have to go with it Costs between 6 and 12 euros per m² of scaffolding calculate. These prices refer to a Rental period of four weeks. If other extras are required, the scaffolding costs accordingly more.

This is just a example. Depending on the circumstances, the costs in practice differ greatly.

The costs for the scaffolding vary depending on the season and region

Especially the region significantly affects the prices for scaffolding. A scaffolding in a rural region often costs significantly less than in a large city. It also plays an important role the season: Scaffolders are often in the summer enormously busyso that the demand is very high. This also causes the price to climb.

So you should definitely Make an appointment early. On the one hand, this is important in order to avoid long waiting times Delays in the construction plan lead and possibly increase construction prices could. On the other hand, you can possibly reduce the costs for the scaffolding by booking in good time.

A mobile scaffold is the inexpensive alternative

A cheap alternative in scaffolding that is Mobile scaffolding. It always comes into question, if only small jobs queue or if you have a scaffolding for Own work on the house need. The prices for a mobile scaffold are significantly cheaper than for other types of scaffolding. However, there are also mobile scaffolding a couple of rulesthat you as a user must absolutely adhere to:

  • Please consider all regulations in terms of the Fall protection and the security
  • hold the Rules and guidelines for scaffolding to guarantee safe handling
  • Make sure you have the scaffolding of the Assembly instructions appropriately professional build and follow all Safety and warning notices

These cost factors play a role when erecting the scaffolding

In principle it is decisive criterion, according to which scaffolding is calculated, the Square footage. The scaffolding costs are calculated based on the area. You can easily calculate the number of square meters yourself: To do this, measure it Height of the house to the gutter, because that's how you get it Height of the scaffolding.

The width can be adjusted with the House width equated become. The calculation only gets more complicated if Bridging are required and the scaffolding must be set up on the garage roof, for example. In addition to the number of square meters, the answer to the question of how much a scaffolding costs depends on other factors:

  • Type of scaffolding
  • Type of work for which the scaffolding is required (e.g. painting the facade, repair work or work on the roof)
  • Region in which the scaffolding is required
  • Current season
  • Distance that the craftsmen have to cover from the scaffolding company to the construction site
  • Scaffolding service life

The factors that make the Scaffolding prices influence are therefore very diverse.

Contact several scaffolding companies in advance and ask for a cost estimate so that you can compare the different costs for the scaffolding. This can save you a lot of money in some cases.

Among the most important Influencing factors one of the costs is the Type of scaffolding. For a Roofing or roof guard scaffolding basically pay a different price than for one Protective or work scaffoldingthat is required for facade work.

The individual types of scaffolding differ from each other Weight, through the Construction effort and through the validation. The type of scaffolding in question also depends on the place of use. Must for example Sidewalks are often only worked Mobile scaffolding conceivable. Some of them have to be dismantled again in the evening and specially secured. This creates completely new costs for you.

When setting up scaffolding, the insurance coverage must be adjusted

Many homeowners forget that scaffolding is not just one thing Ease of work for the craftsmen means, but that there is also any Simplified access for burglars.

The scaffolding makes it easier for burglars to get to the windows and gain entry into the house.

Because of this, it is very important that you have a scaffolding that is on one inhabited house is always yours Communicate home contents insurance. This can cause the Insurance premium during the life of the scaffolding raised becomes. Although this leads to additional costs for erecting a scaffolding, it also ensures that you are in the Damage continues to be insured are.

Buy or rent scaffolding - which is cheaper?

This question can be answered quite easily: In most cases in the private sector, it is more worthwhile to have a Rent scaffolding. This also applies if the rental is over a longer standing time he follows. If you decide not to rent and buy scaffolding, the costs can add up very quickly: In addition to the actual price for the scaffolding, they add up Installation costs - often is one professional supervision indispensable - and the Fees for acceptance. In most cases, that's where they come from Much more expensive when buying than when renting.

Conclusion on the subject of scaffolding costs

You see: It doesn't matter whether you do Paint, plaster or renovate the facade If you want to rent scaffolding for your house, there will always be additional costs in addition to the actual rental price. Even with a comparatively long rental period, the rental price is often even the smallest item.

In particular the Assembly and disassembly by the scaffolders can be expensive. In addition, the technical acceptance the costs skyrocket. To avoid nasty surprises, you should get one first Cost estimate let give. This is also possible with several companies so that you can use the compare offers can.


For a lot of work on the house, on the roof and on the facade, there is a framework required. How much such scaffolding costs depends, among other things, on the type of scaffolding, the rental period, the scaffolding area, the season and the area. It's always worth doing several Cost estimates to obtain from different scaffolders and to compare the offers in detail before placing the order in order to reduce the costs for the scaffolding.

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