Are avocados good for you

How many avocados a day are healthy?

Do you feel the same? Could you eat avocados all day long, from breakfast bread to lunch pasta and salad to rice in the evening, simply garnish everything with avocados?

Welcome to the Aovcado Afficionados Club. We could almost speak of an addiction. But the wonderfully creamy, slightly nutty taste of an avocado .... hm (tip: this is how you can tell whether the avocado is ripe but not yet brown)!

How many avocados can you eat a day?

Avocados are also very healthy. It contains vitamin C (eaten together with a freshly squeezed lemon, it already covers the entire daily requirement for the vitamin), folic acid, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and a lot of fiber, which are important for the body. So there is actually nothing against stuffing your stomach with stone fruit all day.

Unfortunately. Because, as with almost all things, the same applies to the avocado: too much is not good.

The reason: Avocados contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. This is actually traded as "good" fat that can help fight heart disease and even excess pounds.

This is how much fat an avocado contains:

Nonetheless, these are fats. And they are only good when enjoyed in moderation. A normal sized avocado has about 440 calories - and 47% fat. Oh yes: 47%! Calculated in grams, an avocado contains around 40 g of fat.

When asked how much fat we can eat per day, the Austrian Nutrition Society recommends 60 to 80 g. With two avocados you have exceeded this percentage in a healthier way than with conventional fats, but you have already exceeded it. So you have to limit yourself extremely with other fats - which is difficult.

So it is better to only eat one avocado per day. Even if this news almost breaks our hearts ...