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Valenta BPO

The Valenta BPO franchise model is unique in that, as a franchise partner, you work on your company and not in your company. Valenta BPO delivers the work process while you focus on business acquisition. In contrast to other franchise models, the entry costs are very low. These low startup costs with minimal overheads and global exposure make this a great opportunity for anyone looking to own a successful business.

Advantages of a Valenta Franchise

A slightly different business proposition: minimize risk by offering a variety of services across three industries including process optimization implementation, digital transformation and outsourcing.

Multiple sources of income: As a franchise partner, you can earn both one-time and recurring income. Even if you are not working, this gives you income protection.

Globally proven business model: Valenta franchises are already operating successfully in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Use the experience of franchise partners from all over the world.

Recession Sure: Valenta offers services that are suitable for any company, any size and any industry. This makes our offering truly unique and a necessity for companies that want to grow and achieve their business goals.

Unmatched training and support: All franchise partners can use a variety of specialists, including a dedicated business coach and marketing support team. Use these resources to grow your revenue streams quickly.

Valenta takes care of the operation: You focus on building your business through customer acquisition. All operations are supplied by us so that you can grow your business faster.

Make use of three high quality sectors

Valenta BPO offers relevant services across all industries, regardless of the size of the company. With these tools, you can build your business and increase profitability every step of the way.

Process optimization worth over $ 250 billion. Work globally with your customers to improve processes, this leads to maximum efficiency and reduces costs. With a range of specialized services including CRM setup and administration, software development and more, we've got you covered.

Digital transformation worth over $ 342 billion worldwide. The digital transformation uses new innovative technologies to help your customers achieve a competitive advantage through robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

Outsourcing valued at $ 85 billion worldwide. Valenta BPO customers report cost savings of up to 60% by outsourcing important business activities that are often mundane but critical. Improved customer service, access to highly qualified staff, 24/7 access and faster turnaround were highlighted as key benefits.

customer focus

Our managing partners have experience in various industries and areas and have a strong understanding of the needs of their customers.

What you should bring with you:

  • Experience in sales and consulting
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Proactive attitude
  • Leadership skills
  • Customer-oriented action

We provide comprehensive training to get you started and ongoing support to ensure your success. You do not need any specific qualifications in process consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing, as our team takes over part of the workflow. We maintain a team culture in which established and proven methods are adopted and exchanged.


We run one-on-one training with franchisees who will give you the knowledge and skills to grow your business. During this alignment, a business plan and marketing program will be created to facilitate your industry specialization.


Valenta BPO franchise partners receive ongoing training and a support team to help you grow your business quickly with the right tools.

  • Your personal business coach
  • Your personal advisor for digital marketing
  • Your personal prospecting specialist
  • Quarterly business planning
  • Annual conference