Beatles music can be tricky

They are probably the most important band in all of music history and at the same time the first and for many the only true boy group. Her songs reached an audience of millions more than three decades ago, have not been forgotten since then and are considered an inspiration for a host of musicians who are meanwhile also famous. Whatever John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney did, it turned to gold. How many hits have THE BEATLES written? You can hardly count them anymore, and naming a selection of the most famous pieces is probably just as tricky as picking out their best songs.

Bosworth Music GmbH did this ungrateful work for us and summarized 100 of the most indispensable songs of this immortal (forgive me if this seems macabre, but this only refers to the status) band in an anthology. This neat pocket-book compilation is rightly called “The Beatles Bible”, because for the many remaining fans this simple book is guaranteed to take the place of a prayer book.

100 songs including things like 'I Am The Walrus',' Come Together ',' Day Tripper ',' Penny Lane ',' Yellow Submarine ',' Let It Be ',' Eleanor Rigby ',' Hey Jude ',' Help 'and of course the most famous McCartney hit' Yesterday 'are included, both in the sheet music version with text and with a fingering chart for the guitar. Thus, the part is not only a very comprehensive songbook, but also a good entry-level aid for guitar players who are just beginning their training, because the BEATLES songs are usually not really difficult to play. The nice thing about it: The present edition is very handy, can be carried anywhere and does not need as much storage space as the music books, which are otherwise always published in A4 format. In other words, this small but fine work is a real gold treasure that you don't want to give up once you have sung yourself into all the old camels again. For example, I stopped at 'Let It Be', listened to the fabulous version of TORI AMOS and totally fell for it. So what is left to say? Whisper words of wisdom… Great idea, compact format, brilliant songs - this is what a musicians' bible looks like.