How safe is Project Free TV

Project Watch films and TV series online and for free - is it legal?

It came from the USA and should join sites like, and Project Free TV is a self-proclaimed revolution that should make it possible for every internet user to watch films and TV series online and for free. But is that even legal? We clarify the current legal situation.

The USA knew it, we here in Germany do the same. Project Free TV or Free TV Video not only has a hideously hideous homepage, but also offers illegal copyrighted content.

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Project Free TV: is it legal?

Basically, content of any kind must be approved by the author or a third party employed in order to be able to be passed on to the public (right of public access, §19a UrhG). Of course, the question always arises here as to whether a website might not have these rights, but usually this is obviously pointed out.

The offering of illegally acquired content is therefore unlawful and will be prosecuted - in Germany.

However, since the top-level domain .tv stands for the island state of Tuvalu (Pacific Ocean) and this acts outside of the German legal system, the operators of the site are mostly on the safe side until they can be found by the German authorities.

Watching films and series online: There's this gray area ...

It is widely rumored that watching, streaming, and downloading movies and series from questionable websites falls into a legal gray area. Unfortunately this is not correct.

It is correct that there is the right to private copying (Section 53 (1) sentence 1 UrhG), which states that a user can secure content for private purposes if the source for it is a legal one. The source must not be more precise obviously illegal content to offer. And this is where the vague gray area begins, as this “obviously” is not precisely defined in Germany.

However, this does not make it legal to watch films and series on Project Free TV or similar sites.

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What are the dangers behind Project

A call to the revolution of being able to watch movies online for free is a good decoy to lure inexperienced users. In addition to the danger of a warning, there is a completely different danger on Project

Links to TV shows, films and the forum can be found on the homepage. A careless click in one of these sections leads you to advertising pages, subscription traps or even infected virus pages. So if you can get around the warning, which costs between a few hundred to a thousand euros with imprisonment (at least that is what the “Respect Copyrights” association publishes), a Trojan, a virus or other malware is much more likely.

Our advice: Stay away from the side and others and try it for free and legally with Magine.

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