What is the best jogging clothes

Cold? With these clothes you stay nice and warm while jogging!

You can't stop and want to go running in cold temperatures this year? This jogging clothing in winter makes it possible!

Anyone who manages to lace up their running shoes even in cool temperatures benefits on many levels. In this way you strengthen your immune system with every run and release a lot of endorphins.

But especially when it is cold, it is important that you dress properly. It shouldn't be too much and not too little if the run is to be perfect.

That's why we're telling you today which jogging clothing is right for you in winter and what you have to pay attention to. We have also put together a nice outfit that will keep you warm from head to toe.

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Why jogging clothes should make you shiver in winter

To make your winter run a pleasure, you need the right equipment. It's not that easy, is it?

If we were to go outside now, we would do it all wrapped up in a scarf, thick jacket, stockings and boots. But it's different when you run.

Jogging clothes in winter must make us shiver the first time we step outside. At least very easily.

Because after the first 20 steps at the latest we will warm you up. If you are over-dressed, you sweat excessively, which can make you sick.

The rule of thumb is: A slight shiver is welcome and goes away very quickly.

In order for jogging clothing to make winter runs a pleasure, you absolutely have to wear functional clothing. Say goodbye to cotton.

Sportswear keeps your body dry and transports sweat to the outside. You don't feel sweaty and you don't get cold.

Mission running in winter: this is how jogging works in the cold!

How to protect your upper body from the cold

Protecting your upper body is your number one priority when jogging in cold temperatures. Your torso is much more sensitive to the cold than your arms and legs. Therefore, you should go for the onion look.

Your jogging clothes in winter and late autumn consist of three layers, with a sports bra four layers.

That's why you should learn to jog properly now!

1. The sports bra

Your sports bra should fit properly. He has to support your breasts and keep them warm at the same time. Look for a model with light padding, as it will keep you warm.

Otherwise, just like in summer: High support and it shouldn't pinch.

Tip: I am very happy with the Reebok sports bra, which is specially made for running. You can order it in the Otto online shop.

With these sports bras, nothing stands in the way of your run.

Reebok sports bra

Lascana sports bra

Adidas sports bra

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2. The functional layer

The functional layer lies close to your skin. Only then can she keep you warm and dry. This layer absorbs sweat and prevents the moisture from evaporating on the skin. Because that's exactly what would let you cool down quickly.

You can choose a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt. This is purely a matter of taste and depends a little on the temperatures.

I wear a short-sleeved shirt that fits my body very closely, like this one from the Otto Shop.

You will love this winter running outfit!

3. The insulating layer

Now a warming garment like a fleece jacket is used. How thick this layer is again depends on the weather.

I personally take a thin fleece jacket on very cold days because the material is very warm. But never a thick fleece jacket, you sweat too much in it.

A winter jersey is more comfortable. It looks like a sweater and is zipped from the neck to the cleavage. And it has a little collar. I'm wearing a winter running jersey and found a nice and functional one for you in the Otto online shop.

In contrast to the bottom layer, this does not have to be skin-tight. Much more than a hand's breadth should not fit between the bottom and this layer.

The thicker this layer, the better it insulates you. What do you think of these three beautiful shirts?

Adidas long sleeve shirt

Gore extra warm shirt

Super natural shirt

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Alternatively, you can simply wear a long-sleeved, tight-fitting functional shirt. This is more comfortable, especially on days that are not so cold, because it is simply thinner. I picked out a functional shirt from Adidas that you will like very much! You can order it in the Otto.de online shop.

4. Wind and weather protection layer

With the last layer you protect yourself from wind and moisture from rain, fog or snow. A thin jacket made of wind- and water-repellent material is suitable for this.

You have the choice of a softshell or hardshell jacket.


Softshell jackets are very comfortable to wear. They are light, soft and you can move freely in them.

The special thing about it is that the jackets are breathable and yet weatherproof. They are roughened on the inside and therefore particularly warm.

Tip: Always choose a colored jacket. The more colorful it is, the more visible you are when doing sports! This shoftshell jacket by Odlo has thumb holes and keeps your fingers warm even in cold temperatures.

The catch: most softshell jackets are not waterproof. Conventional softshell jackets or sweaters as jogging clothing in winter are usually only suitable when it is not raining, snowing or very foggy.

In the meantime, however, there are also jackets that combine the advantages of softshell and hardshell.

They are thin, light, breathable and can repel rain. Not in huge quantities, of course, but if you get into a shower unplanned, they keep you dry.

So that you still know your way around, I looked around for you and looked for jackets that would keep you warm and dry while running. With these jackets you will never be cold, even in low temperatures!

Jack Wolfskin jacket

Kangaroos jacket

Adidas softshell

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Neither wind nor weather can compete with a hardshell jacket. They are completely waterproof and allow sweat to escape at the same time.

So when it storms and rains, you should give priority to the hardshell jacket. However, it is not that light and restricts freedom of movement a little.

Tip: you can find a very good hardshell jacket on Amazon. The Jack Wolfskin jacket has a very practical, adjustable hood that protects you from the wind.

Winter running tips from a professional that you should know!

Head, hands and neck

Don't forget about your head, hands, and neck. A lot of heat can be lost here and make walking very uncomfortable.

Head: Wear a headband or hat made for running. A simple wool hat doesn't do that well. Hats or headbands made of functional material are ideal. They draw sweat away from your head and don't absorb it.

I take a headband that is very wide and extra tight around the ears from the Otto.de online shop

Hands: An enormous amount of heat can be lost through the fingers. In cold temperatures they start to hurt, become stiff and red. Therefore, make sure that your functional shirt has sleeves with thumb holes. With gloves, the hands are then doubly protected.

When it's particularly cold, I pull the sleeves of the functional shirt over my fingers.

Particularly practical: Gloves that can be turned into warm mittens from TrailHeads. You can order them from Amazon.

Neck: I tie a special scarf around the neck. You should not wear a normal scarf. It will start to itch and you will sweat. I like to take a shawl from Buff and pull it up to my chin.

What are the right jogging clothes for legs and feet in winter?

The running shorts and shoes are visible to motorists, other runners and cyclists. Therefore they should have visible reflectors. The more the better.

Running shorts

Winter running tights differ from normal running tights because of the roughened material. It'll keep you warm that much better. And that's important. After all, our legs play a very important role in running.

So if you want to get jogging clothes for the winter, you shouldn't hesitate when it comes to pants. Summer trousers are just way too cold. You feel every breeze and the running wind. Winter running pants are much more comfortable.

Tip: You can find running trousers for winter in the Otto online shop.


Better leave your cotton knickers at home. What should not be missing from your jogging clothes in winter is the right underwear. It should also be made of functional material. So you stay nice and dry below. :)

Tip: Sport briefs from Odlo are extra quick drying and comfortable to wear. You can order them from Amazon.


Personally, I like to wear compression stockings in winter. On the one hand because of the compression function and on the other hand because they fit nicely and almost reach the knees.

The lower legs are wrapped twice, which can protect against cramps. You can also use normal running socks, it's a matter of taste.

Tip: I found very good compression stockings for you on Amazon.


Running shoes made for winter belong on your feet. Summer shoes are not very suitable. In autumn and winter there are challenges to master such as wet running, ice, mud and snow. Summer shoes lack the support for it.

What should not be missing from your jogging clothes in winter are special running shoes. They are characterized by:

  • High attenuation
  • Moisture protection
  • Breathability
  • non-slip sole and good profile

If you do your lap in ice and frozen snow in the forest or on forest paths, you can equip your shoes with spikes or snow chains.

There are already shoes with integrated steel spikes.

Which accessories you should get yourself

If you want to be on the safe side, you should get a few additional reflectors. You can attach them to your upper arm or thigh.

The best are LED strips with batteries that have a flashing and permanent light function. The driver can see you from afar.

Tip: jogging lights for legs and arms with LEDs are available from Amazon.

Another very good and inexpensive investment is a running vest. It looks a bit like a safety vest, but it is very close to the body. Equipped with Velcro fasteners, you can simply wear them as the top layer. You can order a reflective running vest from Amazon.

Our conclusion

If you wear the right jogging clothes in winter, you are guaranteed not to get sick. Don't wear too much, because after a few meters you will be sweating. Functional clothing keeps you warm and dry.

All the best for your next run!