How early should you send wedding invitations?

When should we send out our invitation cards? My tips including a free checklist

Wedding planning: you can never start early enough!

General tips for wedding planning - On your marks, get set ... wedding!

  • Are you already planning your wedding for next year?
  • Are you already scouring Pinterest for great ideas for your wedding?
  • Do you want to start with the next planning steps soon?
  • Then I have just the thing for you today - the first important tip: When to send out invitation cards?

When is the perfect time to send out your invitations?

You are probably wondering: When should we send out our invitation cards? But first things first! The first weeks of planning, BEFORE you send your stationery, are the most important, because you determine the basic framework for your wedding!

One thing at a time - four general tips

In order to make your start with stationery planning a little easier, I have four general tips that will definitely help you a lot at the beginning of stationery planning. In addition to the tip "When should we ourSend invitation cards“You can find the most important tips on my blog for a relaxed start to (stationery) planning. I link the other blog posts directly here.

The four tips at a glance:

Today you will find out everything there is to know about "Sending invitation cards", and you will receive three more tips here:

Free checklists are waiting for you for each tip, which you can download, print out and fill out.

Strength lies in tranquility - wedding planning made easy

You will notice that the entire preparation phase for your wedding is peppered with decisions and a never-ending TO DO list - the sooner you start, the more relaxed things go. You can sleep another night with one or the other decision, compare offers or have the choice between different service providers. Nothing is worse than unnecessary stress, because the preparations are a big challenge in addition to work, (children) and everyday life.