What is the difference between shoes and boots

Boots or ankle boots?

Boots or ankle boots - which is better?

Boots and ankle boots are no longer just suitable for autumn and winter. They enable us to look stylish and contemporary even in spring and summer. Anything is possible with the right outfits, and that's exactly what I want to write about today.

So today I am taking you into the world of somewhat firmer women's shoes, which you can wear particularly well with outfits that match all year round. In particular, I will go into the similarities and differences between boots and ankle boots.

Because they are also suitable for cooler summer evenings, but they go best with stylish outfits for the colder season. The most obvious difference between the two types of shoes is the height of the shaft.

But what other criteria are there that we can use to distinguish the shoes from each other? If you know them, you can search for suitable models and styles in a targeted and successful manner.

In the article I also ask myself which of these styles - whether dress, skirt or pants - go best with your new shoes. With regard to the shoes or ankle boots, I of course recommend two particularly pretty and comfortable copies. πŸ™‚

As always, I'm really looking forward to your comments!


What is the difference between boots and ankle boots?

You can recognize a boot in its basic shape by the fact that the shaft height extends at least to the ankle. However, they can - in some cases significantly - extend beyond the ankle.

Ankle-high boots are known as ankle boots, Chelsea boots or half shaft boots. Long shaft boots, on the other hand, extend (sometimes far) beyond your ankle.

But they are not only offered for us ladies. In the classic men's area, the Chelsea boots or the classic ankle boots are the best-known shapes, while with us girls it is a bit more differentiated.

Basically, it can be said that both boots and ankle boots are the ideal footwear for the cold and wet season. Constantly reinvented by designers, nowadays there are also models that are airy enough for use in summer.

You can also differentiate according to the occasion. There are finer shoes for upscale occasions or the more unusual for an evening at the lake.


Ankle boots vs. ankle and Chelsea boots - does anyone else see through?

The beginning of autumn and especially winter are made for great boots and ankle boots. In terms of fashion, almost nothing works without it. Whether practical riding boots, elegant models or even overknees, the boot dominates the picture.

As I said, there are also lighter models that you can wear all year round. I would like to introduce you to two particularly beautiful examples of these, because ankle boots are currently the absolute ultimate in terms of style, heel height and shape.

Let's take a closer look at two types of models: Ankle boots and Chelsea boots.


1) ankle boots

Ankle boots are basically a trendy mix of classic boots and pumps. They are also available in a wide variety of variations and styles.

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In terms of height, the ankle boots reach up to your ankle, but also - like classic pumps - have a high heel. There are even models that come up with a stiletto heel.

In addition, there are also platform or wedge heels, which are relatively typical for an ankle boot. They go wonderfully with jeans of all colors, and yes - if need be - with leggings too. πŸ™‚

I like them Ankle boots from Elara especially good in my favorite color, brown. They look great, go with many outfits and are also very cheap with their leather look.

These ankle boots are of high quality and with a platform of 2 cm you can wear them comfortably all day without any problems despite their heel height. You can wear them with any outfit, be it a dress, jeans or whatever you feel like wearing. πŸ™‚

I also think it's nice that they are only lined cold and you can wear them all year round. Of course not in midsummer, but also in the warm season there are cooler or not quite as hot days.


2) Chelsea boots

The Chelsea Boot has become a really popular variant of ankle boots because you can slip in here quickly and without any problems. The rubber inserts on the sides of the shoe support you in this.

Due to the design, this contributes to the fact that the boot adapts to the shape of your foot when you put it on. It expands and gives your foot exactly the space it needs.

I especially like this here this model from Buffalo, the brand that is just getting started again. The workmanship is really good, so that you can benefit from your shoe for a long time.

They are processed with leather (upper material) and make a correspondingly high-quality impression. The price-performance ratio is great, because the product not only looks good, but is also of top quality!

With appropriate care, you don't need to worry about this for a long time, because they can take something. So you can leave the beaten path and walk comfortably over a dirt road. πŸ™‚


Boots or ankle boots - what looks more attractive?

It just seems as if the ordinary long-shaft boots are simply no longer in vogue. They have simply become obsolete and can no longer exist alongside the modern ankle boots, which come across as trendy and in many situations also more fashionable.

And don't forget: with the ankle boot you get a mix of shoes and boots. This also gives you more options for using your boat. Basically, you could almost say that you can get two products for the price of one.

Apparently other girls see it that way too. The demand for conventional boots is continuously falling. I can understand it. We no longer want to be tied to the old patterns, especially since there are stylish alternatives.

Online retailers, for example, have higher sales with Boots. Ankle boots, for example, are not only very trendy and can be perfectly combined with many outfits, but are also cheaper than conventional boots.

Today boots are more in demand for special situations. Certain boots can be very stimulating, e.g. high-heeled women's boots. They are also still well suited for work or equestrian sports outside.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why boots are still in demand. Trend or not. πŸ™‚ Just not like it used to be.

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Which is more comfortable to wear - boots or ankle boots?

You can count the differences between boots, ankle boots and "normal" shoes yourself on five fingers. In order to fit well and enable you to walk comfortably, a boot must be tight and relatively tight when you run.

The problem is that pull-on boots without laces or zippers can only be put on without problems if they are sufficiently wide. Alternatively, the shaft can also consist of a thin, stretchable material.

With such a slip-in, however, the shaft is no longer so close that the foot does not lift up when walking. You can prevent this by tightening your foot with a marching strap. But that's not particularly convenient.

Ankle boots, however, fit most wearers in the shaft width. I've never seen it myself that they were too tight. There are simply too many different, individual models for that.

If they are too wide, you can also pad with stylish cuffs and add a little extra highlight. In the case of boots, this is often difficult with the shaft widths.

Although more and more manufacturers have offered different shaft sizes in recent years, the fundamental problem unfortunately remains.


Boots or ankle boots - what is better to wear with a dress or skirt?

Higher boots - with reach to just below your knee - go well with pants if you either pull them over your boots or tuck them in casually. You can do this depending on the hem length or simply your preferences.

Many boots also cut a good figure with skirts or dresses if they go with them in style. Ankle boots, on the other hand, really go with all types of trousers, but don't look really good with every skirt length.

For example, if you have a weakness for midi skirts, ankle boots do not cut a good figure because you can hardly see any leg. Ankle boots go wonderfully with long and relatively short (a hand's breadth above the knee) skirts. You can't go wrong here.

But also with midi skirts or the Italian skirt length in general, where the knee is barely covered, you can wear ankle boots if you wear appropriate, fashionable tights.

They are also modern and if you coordinate them well with your shoe or skirt color, you set a visual highlight. Ankle boots emphasize your beautiful ankles and the lower calf area, which then looks slimmer.


Is it better to use boots or ankle boots for riding?

Opinions differ a little here. Of course, your footwear should not only be functional when riding, but also make others green with envy. πŸ™‚
Hardly any other item of equipment is discussed so passionately among riders. Traditionally, chaps and ankle boots wearers love the flexibility and the feeling of being in direct contact with the horse; the boot rider swears by stability and support.

If the term β€œchaps” doesn't mean much to you, they come from western equestrian sport and are leather trouser legs that are worn over trousers for protection. They come in a wide variety of forms.

You can combine them wonderfully with your ankle boots, whereby the decision for chaps or boots is often based on the price. Leather riding boots cost several hundred euros, while chaps and ankle boots are cheaper.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that you can buy chaps and ankle boots separately and combine them in a variety of ways. This is how you create an individual appearance with changing outfits.

You can also easily take off chaps after riding. You don't have to limit the wearing of chaps to special riding clothes, you can also wear them over normal everyday trousers.

The proponents of boots often use the argument "stability". I say that this is first and foremost a question of riding experience and not just because sturdy boots allow a steady and straight rider's leg.

If you prefer boots, you just have to be careful that the shaft is neither too tight nor too long. Give your leg muscles enough free space so that your calves are not too tight and the shaft does not rub against the hollow of the knee.


Boots or ankle boots - what is better now?

My opinion is clear. Where conventional boots only score points for their stability, ankle boots are clearly in trend. They are more modern, can be combined better and you don't have to dig so deep into your pocket for them.

The increasing demand for high-quality ankle boots speaks for itself. They are also much more comfortable and easier to put on than boots. Ankle boots are simply more flexible and can be combined with your wardrobe more easily.

This applies not least to female riders, who can develop their ankle boots with corresponding chaps into a visual highlight and a full replacement for expensive riding boots.

Last but not least, the cost argument applies. Ankle boots are significantly cheaper with the same (or even better) quality. Nevertheless, conventional long-shaft boots can also have their place in your winter collection.

But he just has to cope with the strong competition from the ankle boots and come up with something fashionable. He, for example, can draw attention to himself with unusual colors.

For us girls it is sometimes just nice to be spoiled for choice. πŸ™‚

And which is better for you: boots or ankle boots?

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