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Instagram recently announced that it would no longer publicly display the number of likes on posts in the future. As a result, comments are now moving more into focus as a decisive yardstick for the commitment of the community. How you manage more Instagram comments In this article, we reveal how to generate and make your channel more visible.

Why are likes and comments on Instagram so important?

Be it as a private person or as a company - if you Publish posts on Instagram, you are probably not doing this for yourself, but because you have a specific goal in mind. Whether it is a personal matter or about getting your business going and attracting new customers is basically irrelevant. Ultimately that is The goal is always greater reachto generate as many new followers as possible with your content.

To build reach, you need one thing above all else: Interactions. Because on this basis, the Instagram algorithm decides which posts are displayed in the timeline of each individual user. The engagement rate of your fan base is the gauge of the success of your Instagram page.

The more likes and comments your posts receive, the higher the relevance and quality are rated by the Instagram algorithm and the more often they are displayed within their target group. Since posts with comments tend to attract more attention, the chance of additional subscribers increases, who in turn can interact with your posts. This starts the cycle all over again.

But not only the algorithm, but also potential advertising partners evaluate the attractiveness of your channel based on the reach and thus also with the help of the comments left. To do this, however, these must be visible.

Who can see my comments on Instagram?

Whom the Comments on Instagram posts depends on the profile settings. If a post in a public profile is commented on, it can be seen by everyone. In the case of private profiles, on the other hand, comments are only displayed to confirmed subscribers.

How Your Posts Will Be Commented More Often: The 7 Best Tips

Knowing that more comments can have a positive impact on an Instagram channel's success is one thing. Actually generating more comments on posts is another - and a major challenge for many Instagrammers. We have put together the best tips for you to help you cope with this.

1. Seize the moment

There are many myths surrounding the Instagram algorithm - but nobody really knows how it actually works. However, it is relatively safe to assume that the first 15 to 60 minutes after the publication of a post are decisive. The more interactions a post receives in these first few minutes, the more relevant it seems to be and the more likely the algorithm will show it to other users.

Therefore, you should strive for good visibility of your new post so that as many followers as possible can interact in a short time. You can share the post in your story, for example, or link to it in a newsletter. "Story" is also the keyword for tip number two:

2. Be adventurous

The same postings quickly lead to boredom among your followers - and thus to fewer interactions. If you want to get your fan base to comment, you should always surprise them - both in terms of content and the format of your posts. You can feel free to experiment. Instagram now offers various functions that you can try out to provide more variety in your posts - for example the story, IGTV or Instagram-LIVE.

Instead of posting a product photo again and again, you could use a photo gallery to show how a customer's life has changed as a result of your product. Or you can post a video about how your product is made in the first place.

Another option is to include topics in your posts that are only indirectly related to your products, but could still be of interest to your subscribers. As an office furniture retailer, you could give tips for relaxation exercises at work or post an article about coffee and its effects.

3. Take a look at the Instagram Insights

This mix of different content and formats can significantly move you forward on your way to more comments. Because you can use your Instagram insights to easily evaluate which posts worked best. The statistics of your previous posts can be displayed with just a few clicks - sorted according to the most interactions within a definable period of time. This is a great way to find out what content to keep betting on if you want to get more comments.

4. Motivate your Instagram followers to leave comments

Even if social media users are generally quite willing to express their opinions, it can't hurt to give your fan base a little more motivation. You can easily ask for opinions or support directly in your posts instead of just hoping for comments.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your followers specific questions - but the right ones. The more precisely you formulate what you want to know, the more answers you will get. You should avoid using standard phrases and pseudo-questions like “How do you like the weather today?”. Instead, try to ask questions that are actually relevant to you.

Speaking of meaning: With topics that move your fan base emotionally, you can also ensure more interactions - even without a specific request. Critical or deliberately provocative content can trigger the need for users to express their opinion and participate in a discussion, as can funny posts.

5. Interact yourself on Instagram

Interaction arises from the interplay of action and reaction. You should practice this principle yourself - in every respect. You should therefore be active on Instagram yourself and leave comments on other posts. This not only increases the prospect of likes and comments on your posts, but also the chance of new followers who will become aware of your profile through your activities.

On the other hand, it also means that you should definitely respond to comments on your posts to express your appreciation. Incidentally, this does not only apply to positive feedback. On the contrary: You should definitely respond to negative comments, because dealing with them professionally can further promote your commitment. However, if the comment is absolutely inappropriate, you still have the option to delete it.

How can you post comments on Instagram Clear?

Both your own and third-party comments can be easily removed: In the app, the comment is pressed until it is highlighted in blue and then deleted using the trash can icon. The comment can be removed in the browser by clicking on the three-point symbol.

6. Remember to use hashtags

Hashtags are to Instagram what keywords are to Google: They help to find your posts and generate new followers. That's why you should definitely use them. After all, a large reach is the basis for numerous comments.

Whether many hashtags or a few - opinions are divided. Much more important than the quantity is the quality anyway. You should therefore make sure to use the right hashtags - terms that your target group also uses.

7. Don't buy Instagram comments

Admittedly: the offer, quick and uncomplicated Buy comments for Instagram posts or use Instagram bots, may sound tempting. It is doubtful, however, that this will do you any good. The Instagram algorithm is now so sophisticated that it detects purchased followers and comments relatively quickly - and punishes. Posts are then no longer played or profiles are even completely blocked. If your Instagram marketing is important to you, you should definitely avoid bought comments.

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Originally published May 7, 2020, updated 07 May 2020

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