Do women like to talk about men's pants

Study reveals: men REALLY like these underwear!

String or panty? Push-up or lace bra? When it comes to or about the laundry, we women often ask ourselves what men are actually into. This is exactly what a poll conducted by the Huffington Post and is all about. started. The study asked more than 2,700 men about their bra and panty preferences.

Unsurprisingly: men like strings

We already suspected it: when it comes to panties, men can't be short enough. We prefer comfortable panties and briefs, but what can you do to please your loved one from time to time?

Despite deceptive packaging: push-up wins over lace bra

We would not have thought that, in turn. Although men know that a push-up leads to the illusion of more breasts than is actually there, the padded bra is ahead of models made of lace. 49 percent of respondents when asked how they like the push-ups answered: "I love it - even if it's not real." Incidentally, the sexy balcony bra only lands at number 3 on the bra charts.

NO to Calvin Klein! Sporty bras made of cotton bring up the rear

Apparently the men do not share our love for sporty cotton underwear with a retro design. Because bandeau tops and knickers by Calvin Klein, adidas & Co. take last place in the lingerie ranking. Does that bother us? Nope!

That calms us down: underwear is only a minor matter for men

We don't like to be talked into clothing issues - also when it comes to our choice of lingerie. So it is just right for us that 92 percent of the men surveyed state that the type of underwear in bed does not play a major role. Much more important is the woman who is in it.

He's guaranteed to like them (and you too): Sexy lingerie for sensual hours for two