Drain cleaners injure the pipes

Pipe cleaning tools: what are the risks?

When the drains and pipes are clogged, the first thing to do is often to the Pömpel and various commercially available pipe cleaner products in order to prevent the worst and to ensure free flow quickly and easily. If these two measures do not bring the desired success, the drainage spiral is used.

All three aids for pipe cleaning can quickly get one or the other blocked drain "running" again, but they involve risks that the layperson often cannot assess. In particular, if used incorrectly, the damage after a self-cleaning attempt can be considerably greater than when using pipe cleaning products. In the worst case, there is a risk of a pipe bursting, flooding your own four walls or that of your neighbor (if adjacent). In the end, not only do you have to pay for your own damage, but you will also be held liable for the damage caused to others. To prevent this, you should be aware of the potential dangers of IUDs, plungers and pipe cleaning agents.

Pipe burst by Pömpel - a supposed all-purpose weapon

The plunger is often the first aid against slowly running water or completely blocked drains. Slight blockages can actually be removed quickly thanks to a rubber suction cup and the resulting negative pressure. However, it becomes dangerous if the blockage is persistent and you use the suction cup with too much pressure for a very long time. Depending on the nature of the pipes, too much pressure can even pull them apart, push out connections or lead to a pipe break.

Especially in older buildings and correspondingly old sewer pipes, pipes also have age-related defects. A layperson can hardly estimate the actual condition of the clogged pipes and drains. We therefore advise you to seek professional help.

Pipe rupture due to pipe cleaning with a spiral

With a pipe cleaning spiral, blockages in the pipelines can be mechanically removed. But even the spiral drainage can in some cases cause more harm than good. Improper handling of the spiral can seriously damage pipes, for example through incorrect movements or the spiral getting stuck in the pipe. In the worst case, it can even lead to a leak in the pipe. Without locating the exact location of the blockage, as is possible with a camera, for example, or knowing the dimensions of the pipe, a pipe cleaning spiral can hardly be used effectively.

Use of pipe cleaners: From chemicals to organic cleaners

Various pipe cleaner products are available in stores. Starting with chemical powders up to environmentally friendly, biodegradable pipe cleaner products.

Organic cleaner

Organic cleaners protect the environment and are intended to remedy drainage and odor problems. Microorganisms spread in the drainage system and thus clean the pipes. However, organic pipe cleaners are only partially effective and often less effective than their chemical competitors.

Chemical cleaner

The chemical cleaning products are not environmentally or health friendly. Acidic agents can damage pipes and cause burns to the body, the respiratory tract or skin irritations if overdosed. For example, hydrochloric acid not only breaks down the blockage itself, but also old lead pipes. Furthermore, chemical cleaners can dissolve seals or pipes can be deformed or corroded depending on the material, especially if the exposure time is too long or the dose is too high.

Conclusion: pipe cleaning by professionals

Pömpel, drainage spiral and commercially available pipe cleaner products could be a quick aid in an emergency with pipe blockages. But be aware that none of these measures are risk-free.

Especially if the exact cause and extent of the pipe blockage are not apparent, you should seek advice from a specialist. This will save you the hassle and possible additional costs of burst pipes or floods that arise when you lend a hand.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannecke GmbH is at your side as a certified specialist company with all questions relating to pipe and drain cleaning. For emergencies, please contact our emergency service, which is available for you around the clock, 365 days a year!