What is the best Uberland Africa tour

Across southern Africa

The unbelievable uniqueness of southern Africa invites repeated trips to this fantastic destination. Our subsequent comfortable overland expedition strings together numerous highlights: From the almost southernmost tip of the African continent, Cape Town, across the dry, desert-shaped Namibia, to the animal-rich Botswana, and at the end the thundering Victoria Waterfalls. Popularity of this tour: very high, often booked out early. We offer two variants to choose from, each as an independent group, However, we mainly use the same accommodations in the approx. ** + category, rustic and comfortable, for both variants.

STANDARD variant: Run by the English spr. Expedition leader and accompanied by a translator. Only a maximum of 20 participants travel on this tour. This trip adds a touch of adventure as our meals are prepared in the galley, around the campfire and / or in communal kitchens. The lunches are mostly taken as quickly prepared snacks / sandwiches at picnic areas and / or rest stops. We always help the traveling expedition crew to clean up.

COMFORT variant: Run by the German spr. Expedition leader. Advantageous: every appointment will be only carried out as a small group with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 14 participants. Two meals - breakfast and dinner (lunch mostly as a picnic package) - are mostly served in restaurants as a buffet and / or à la carte menu. Our vehicle with large windows and on-board toilet, with a maximum of 14 seats, thus a window seat for each guest, the seats with adjustable backrests, individually adjustable air conditioning, with reading light and USB connection.