How do I reach my sales target

The 4 most important points to make sales easier

The beginning of a new year is both a blessing and a curse.

One thinks:

There is still plenty of time to reach my sales targets.

The year is still ahead of you.

You take it slow.

Understandable ...

The problem?

We'll think the same thing tomorrow.

Before we know it, half the year is over.

Therefore, here are the 4 most important points to make sales easier

If you want to achieve a quota or a sales target, it can be motivating and intimidating at the same time.

You have to be profitable and have enough customers.

So it's best to start today. The following points are simple. And very effective.

# 1 focus

Keep an eye on your numbers. And I mean that literally. This includes setting sales goals and measuring the metrics that show you whether you are achieving your goal.

Read more here: Increase in sales. What numbers should you measure.

Focusing means doing what leads to sales.

In sales, that is the focus of your customers. You have to make customer contacts and turn them into buyers step by step.

There's no way around it.

You don't have to just use the phone to do this. There are many acquisition strategies that can help you with this.

Here are some suggestions: Turn cold calling into warm calling: 5 strategies.


# 2 activity

You have to crank everything NOW - it will be too late in Q4. Because it takes time for customers to be convinced in B2B. The sales opportunities you sow today will reap later.

Were you dissatisfied with the past financial year?

Then do more of the things that make sales.

Every day.

Identify target customers. Find sales opportunities. Establish and maintain contact ... complete.

For a week, write down what you have been doing for how long. You will be amazed how much time is wasted on coffee or cigarette breaks and “Internet research” ...

Even better:

Script your day. More about this productivity technique on Passion & Profit: Scripting - creating the really important things.

# 3 rating

You need to keep your customer pipeline full. You know that.

And you need to review which leads have a realistic chance of closing.

Otherwise you are putting in unnecessary energy.

Energy that you could focus on making new customer contacts.

Don't rush to every opportunity or inquiry. Develop a system to attract the best deals.

# 4 existing customers

According to the management consultancy Bain & Company, it is 6 to 7 times cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. And these customers spend an average of 67% more.

One more reason to specifically include these buyers in your acquisition strategy. Here more:

12 + 1 point, how you sell more existing customers


The key tip to make sales easier is regular acquisition. Because only regularity leads to good results. Do what it takes. And do it now.

Focus and say goodbye to things that are wasting your time. A year is too short for that.



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