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Faux pas on Google? Curious result when searching for Nestlé

It is well known that Nestlé has not necessarily made itself popular over the years. There are enough scandals surrounding the company. However, when allusions to it are circulating on Google, they know that there is a problem. Or is it just a mistake?

Not the logo you want

As a user recently noticed on Twitter, when you search Google for Nestlé you get a surprising result: the Nestlé logo is crossed out in red, or as one would say in Internet jargon "canceled".

Hi @JohnMu,
I'm not sure if Nestle is really happy with the company logo on Google. 😄 What do you mean?
# Nestlé @ NestleGermany @ Nestle # seopic.twitter.com / 13vCxWJ5nl

- The Count of Monte SEO (@MatReincke) June 14, 2019

In all likelihood, this is just a mistake, rather than a political message from Google, because John Mueller has already spoken out that he wants to pass this error on so that it can be fixed. You can still smile about it.

A little mishap - or not?

How such errors can occur can only be speculated. Maybe this is simply an SEO hack that made sure that the logo with a red line through it was displayed. Whether a Google employee with particular antipathy towards Nestlé exchanged the logo cannot be said until no further statements are made. This situation is reminiscent of a very similar one about a year ago. Users who entered the term "idiot" in the search bar were allowed to come across pictures of Donald Trump.

This was also an SEO hack at the time, which increases the chances that this could also be the case here.

If you put aside all your personal attitudes to such topics and try to judge the whole thing objectively, you should be confronted with the question of whether this is so far acceptable. Google is the largest search engine on the Internet and one of the world's largest companies. Accordingly, such incidents do not go unnoticed and could appear unprofessional overall, especially since Google also has an influence on its users with such search results. These are always removed quickly, but for the moment they are there, they definitely attract attention - and a smile here and there.


In the meantime, the error at Google has been fixed. If you are looking for Nestlé, you will be presented with an official company logo again.

On the one hand, this should please the company, on the other hand, it is very important in relation to Google's principle of always providing searchers with the most relevant and, at best, correct results. Otherwise wrong connections would be suggested.