Which is better Minecraft or Roblox

More successful than "Minecraft" and "Fortnite" | This is why parents should know “Roblox”!

"Fortnite" is played by up to 10 million players every day, "Minecraft" has more than 90 million players a month. They are currently the most popular games - but a game has sneaked by that hardly anyone in this country knows: "Roblox" has more than 100 million gamers a month.

What kind of game is it and why is it so popular?

Play, chat, virtual construction kit

Strictly speaking, “Roblox” is not a game in the strict sense of the word - there is no storyline, for example. It's a world full of games, a platform where gamers meet and experience adventures together. At first glance, it is an environment that is reminiscent of a mixture of “Minecraft” and Lego. A colorful world of 3D blocks in which players can get entertainment or just be sociable with allegedly 15 million different games.

This means that players can chat with others while playing and are even actively encouraged to make friends. For example, to play role-playing games. Gamers can not only play the creations of other players, but also contribute their own ideas, which are then played by others. With a kind of virtual Lego blocks, users can create fantasy worlds in the virtual construction kit, for example football games.

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The platform has so far been particularly popular with children and young people in the USA, but Roblox has now also become better known in this country. In the past three years alone, the service has been able to increase its number of players tenfold, before Roblox was rather bobbing around.

Experts see the key to the current success in the long-term strategy of the makers, who released the game back in 2006 and added new features bit by bit. In addition, a very active YouTube community in particular ensured greater dissemination and popularity.

Another advantage of Roblox is its versatility. The game platform is available for download on PC, Xbox One, the App Store and Google Store as well as on Amazon and is available free of charge. Players can interact with each other across platform boundaries.

Attention parents!

Parents should pay close attention to the game. There is no USK classification due to the online orientation. Experts like the Game guide NRW, recommend a rating of “12 years and over”. Because of the many chat options and the integration of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, there are definitely risks for children.

“A fundamental problem with ROBLOX is that nobody checks how old the players actually are. A distinction is made between an “under” and “over 13 years old” account, but in practice it is somehow not clear what that actually means, ”said the experts.

There are currently no suitable protective measures to prevent younger children from setting up their own accounts. However, parents have the option of restricting the chat functions for existing accounts. Roblox is apparently aware of the problem and offers a parenting guide that includes: explains the use of chat filters.

Some games in "Roblox" require the user to use real money. These are, for example, "game passes" that bring little extras into the game. Players pay for them through microtransactions, from which the Roblox creators get a part and finance themselves in this way.

A fee-based membership is also required for some exclusive content. In this way, the company has so far achieved a value of more than two billion Dollars brought. Not bad for a game that so far has not been an issue for many gamers.