How does channeling work

Everything you need to know about channeling at a glance

How nice it would be to be able to communicate with the spiritual world and receive valuable messages for my life. How can I improve my current situation? Should I continue to work as an accountant or should I rather become a writer?

Many people seek spiritual help these days, and that is what channeling is all about.

But what does channeling entail? Can you learn to channel? How does channeling work and what can one experience through a channel medium? We'll answer these and other questions about channeling in a moment.

What is channeling?

Channeling in German means channeling, sluicing or directing. By channeling with the deceased or other beings of light as in Jesus channeling, a medium consciously conveys messages from the spiritual world, which it receives through the channel.

All people have had a channeling experience before, but mostly unconsciously. Such messages have been received as forms of energy, for example through thought patterns, images or feelings.

Channeling can therefore be learned, but it takes practice and the ability to put your own ego with all the preconceived notions and feelings in the background.

How does channeling work?

In principle, every person is able to channel, because we are all connected to the divine light. In order to be able to interpret the images and feelings, one must feel the energies more consciously in the next step.

If you have managed that, you open yourself more and more to the spiritual world and can then absorb subtle energies and pass on the knowledge of spirit guides or angels.

A channel medium creates a connection to other dimensions and converts the subtle information into language that people can understand. The channel medium goes into a trance and passes on sentence by sentence.

A medium is therefore a channel through which feelings and energies flow. The task of the medium is to convert these into words and to pass them on. The more practiced and experienced a channel medium is, the more energy can be received and the more clearly it can be passed on.

Channeling is more about energy than the spoken word. It happens again and again, however, that it is not primarily the energies that are passed on, but rather one's own ego. Although this is ugly, it is part of the learning process of a channel medium.

The souls of the deceased, who now exist as beings of light in the spiritual world and who want to convey valuable messages to us, do not always manage to communicate equally well.

In general, the question arises as to what contact with the spiritual world can bring us.

What can you learn through channeling and what can you do with it?

Channeling can be helpful in dealing with difficult life situations. It can steer the future in the right direction and show what steps should be taken.

In addition, channeling can reveal hidden talents and provide insights into life's tasks. Channeling can also help with questions about health. Interestingly, the channeling often confirms what we have already felt or suspected anyway.

Healing energies can also flow through channeling after the person seeking help was asked questions that continued to affect him for days and thus energies could be set in motion. It is not uncommon for symptoms to be alleviated and weak points identified.

What questions can you ask a channeling medium and what is better not to ask?

First of all, it is important to note that a question must also be a question. Especially with nervousness, a drivel of incoherent sentences or parts of sentences can arise that do not help the medium to get the right messages. Simply because no question was asked.

Just ask one question

You should also always wait with the next question until you have received an answer to the previous question. If you don't do that and ask four questions together, it can happen that only one question is answered satisfactorily or you don't know what the yes or no refers to.

It is therefore advisable to prepare yourself and put your questions in writing.

Asking questions about the future

Many people are interested in questions about the future, and it is nice to know that it is actually possible to look into the future and to be able to adjust our behavior accordingly. We selected certain stages of our life even before we were born. These are tests that we have to pass or simply lessons that our souls should learn and grow from. Not everything can therefore be changed in the future.

Channeling dangers should never be disregarded and therefore only asked what one can deal with. One should therefore be clear about whether one sees the answer received as just a possibility, or whether one assumes that what has been said will also come true.

Buddha already said: "What you think it will be!" So don't influence the future by frightening yourself. Therefore, never ask how old you are getting or whether you will get cancer or just be able to sleep peacefully.

And questions about love are only suitable if you are open to multiple answers.

If you have more specific questions about the future, you can ask a fortune teller.

Ask why questions with additional questions

Although it makes perfect sense to ask a why question like "Why am I doing this to myself?" asking why is not always effective.

An answer to this question could be, for example: "Because in your previous life you were the one who benefited from someone else." That is a clear answer, but in order to really learn from it and to be able to grow as a soul, the additional question is recommended: "How can I improve my situation?"

In the case of illness, too, you should always ask what you can do yourself to improve your situation.

Predominantly ask questions about your own life

Although you can ask questions about other people, the "conversation" should focus primarily on yourself. In addition, one should not start with questions about fellow human beings right away, especially not questions out of curiosity.

"Will my son get rich?", "Does my daughter earn more than her best friend who has already graduated?" are questions that are usually ignored.

Questions about relatives are answered as appropriate, but you shouldn't start straight away with others and focus the conversation on yourself.

What are the phenomena and evidence?

In addition to subjective sensations, there are also external changes that the channeler and those present feel. This can be a change in temperature in the room, noises occurring or even a slight tremor of the earth.

Such phenomena only occur with oversized connections, i.e. with contacts with the spiritual world.

Such phenomena sometimes frighten people if they are not familiar with the channeling. But beings of light only want to convey love and light and cannot make themselves noticeable like a human being.

A common phenomenon is feeling comfortable after returning from channeling.

There is no scientific evidence, but if one receives information from the deceased that the medium could not have known, for example precise character descriptions, then this is a clear sign of an existing contact with the hereafter.

What does it take to be able to channel yourself?

Channeling works best through the heart and is a gift that we have all been given.

If you want to channel yourself and consciously, you can learn this in channel seminars. But it is important to develop and develop awareness of yourself. You also do this when listening to channelings, because you notice and feel what is right for you and what does not make sense.

It is essential to approach the matter with an open heart, because this is the only way to be in contact with your own soul. The energy of the heart is pure love and therefore the connection point to all beings of love and thus God or light.

Channeling does not only work through the heart, messages can also be received through the third eye.

So that the messages received can be integrated into daily life, it is important not to disregard the grounding. This ensures that you do not fall into a permanent trance or take off.

What conclusions can be drawn?

It is not always avoidable to interpret and pass on messages incorrectly or not 100% correctly. The character and the awareness of a channeling medium always have an influence on the success of the channeling, even if it tries as hard as possible to put its feelings in the background.

For this reason, it is very important that you are sympathetic to the medium and that you trust it. There is no right or wrong. What suits and appeals to one person finds it wrong.

The right medium can be found by researching and finding out how someone works, what the medium specializes in and what training they have undergone. Mutual sympathy and trust are very important.

It is also essential for successful channeling that you Appeared with an open heart and slept well is. Nevertheless, you should allow yourself a short rest period after the session in order to be able to process the often very moving and moving information.

Channeling FAQ

What is channeling?

Channeling literally means channeling. It also means that a medium is available to convey messages. Messages from supernatural beings such as angels, spirits or the deceased can be received with it.

How does channeling work?

Everyone has the ability to channel because we are all connected to the divine light. An experienced channeling medium is able to put itself into a self-induced trance state, to absorb subtle energies and to pass on the knowledge of spirit guides or angels.

When can channeling be helpful?

You can learn important information about the current situation in life through this. You can also see what steps should be taken in the near future. Concrete solutions or tips for problems or illnesses can also be found at this point.

What questions can one ask a channeling medium?

You can ask a channeling medium questions about all areas of life, such as questions about love, partnership, career, health, etc.