Makes HP edible ink

Why are there printer cartridges with edible ink?

Everyone has certainly seen the great wedding or birthday cakes at their baker's or pastry chef and wondered how the motifs come about. In the past, confectioners only had the option of decorating their works of art with sugar or marzipan mixture. Today there is edible ink that can be used to print on edible printer paper. This gives you a lot more opportunities to work creatively or according to customer requirements. Sometimes photos of the child are printed on the birthday cake. It really couldn't be more personal.
Of course, you can also purchase such printer cartridges and edible paper as a private user. However, one should make sure that there is always ink left in the printhead. So you have to clean the print head with specially designed cleaning cartridges. Depending on the printer, you can also use a new printhead for use with food-grade ink.
However, color cartridges with edible ink are still not available for all printers. In the ink market shop you will find all suitable printer models and the printer cartridges to be used for them.
So trust yourself and get creative yourself with edible printer ink and paper, it's very easy.
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