Is that a good cello

How much does a "good" cello cost on average?

Hi Wolf,

already clear. I don't want to scare people when I mention a higher price. Here on the board I always try to operate at the lowest, just bearable, price limit, since most of them don't want to spend that much money or want to try out an instrument first (and often self-taught).

It's something else when someone definitely wants to learn an instrument, with a teacher, first borrows and then later wants to buy something decent. Somebody like that has a completely different asking price in mind from the outset.

Example: I think it's good when someone wants to learn a string instrument. Now he wants to buy a violin for 150 euros. I say: hmm, that's a little tight and you should budget another 100 euros for a general overhaul at the violin maker. That is still in the frame.
But when I say: Forget the China violin. Buy something for 1500 euros, then it might come off like this: "Ha, what an arrogant snob. Why should I spend so much money that I don't even have?"

I'm not a fan of such cheap instruments (never ever!), But some people just don't have more money. Everyone should be able to learn violin / viola / cello if they want to. And that's what these cheap instruments are for. You can learn and play on it, but you shouldn't expect great sonic miracles. I'm just trying to help so that these things are technically corrected so that you can learn and play properly on them.

In addition, at the beginning I generally advocate a loan instrument. It just doesn't get any cheaper or better. But if someone really wants to buy something right away .. .. yes, what should I still ride around unnecessarily on a loan instrument?

So: I already have an up-to-date overview of the tiered prices for string instruments, but I try to adapt my mustard to the board and the people as best I can.

cheers, fiddle