Is tantrik different from tantra

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Tantra is a spiritual path that strives for the connection of body, mind and soul. In this way of life, mindfulness, lust and love are in the foreground. It is a way to take responsibility for yourself and to accept yourself as a physical and also a sexual being. Tantra can support you to find ways to your personal happiness and your own growth.
We would like to accompany and support you on this spiritual and sensual path. In our online shop you will find everything for your tantric path. Regardless of whether you are attending a tantra seminar, celebrating your tantra ritual at home or simply want to make new sensual and erotic experiences - our shop offers you the right accessories.

What should I bring with me to a Tantra introductory seminar?
• Lunghi, also called sarong or pareo, is the traditional garment used in tantric rituals and massages
• Ritual blanket or another nice massage mat
• Massage oil and often lubricants
• Feather and fur for stimulating the senses

What do I need to practice the rituals and massages at home?
Many who have already had their first tantra experiences would like to practice the rituals and massages at home. Our large selection of products offers the ideal Tantra accessories for every ritual and thus ensures a sensual and seductive atmosphere in your own four walls. In addition, scented oils and incense sticks provide a pleasant scent and positive energy, and have a relaxing, activating or stimulating effect depending on the scent and composition. With decorative objects such as tantric figures and symbols, your ritual place gets its own character. For a pleasant feeling of lying on the ritual blanket, we recommend that you place soft towels on the blanket. To protect the mat from oil or other liquids, you are welcome to order an extra sheet with moisture protection. Should you not only want to decorate the ritual place, but also yourself and your partner, you will find a large selection of tantric jewelry for Shaktis and Shivas with us. Complete your ritual with the right music that accompanies your sensual moments with beautiful sounds and rhythms. For further sensual suggestions you will find a fine assortment of DVDs with massage techniques.

Our tip for women: With a yoni egg you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your female well-being. Many women experience more pleasure and intensity as a result, whether in tantric rituals, in love life or in general feeling as a sensual being, in being a woman.

If you have any further questions about Tantra, we will be happy to provide you with information.