Investors should be actively looking for startups

Where can you find investors for your start-up?

As Founder of a start-up There are many important tasks you have to do in the initial phase. In addition to the decision on a legal form and the acquisition of new customers, there is another very big challenge: the Finding Investors. Having capital available is an important one Requirement for the establishment and the subsequent growth of your business. But how exactly do you as a founder find investors?

"Love Money": Use relationships that you already have

One of the first points of contact can be your family, acquaintances or friends. The advantage is that they already know you well and that there is a certain amount of trust between you. If they are convinced of your business idea, they may well be ready to invest in your company. Even if this is not necessarily a large sum, it is a good way to first investors for your company to find.

Maybe someone in your circle of acquaintances Contact with business peoplewho in turn know investors. You may know other business people who are potential investors. Because basically anyone who is willing to invest money in your company can become an investor. So use your entire network. It is important to always appear confident. If you can do that, at best you will win more investors through word of mouth. Recommendations from your investors in their network are worth gold.

An important Requirement for the successful search for investors is that you have carefully thought out your business plan and that you can appear trustworthy to investors. Since there are a large number of investors, it makes sense to research which investors there are in your industry before making the first contact and thus determine their potential. In this way you can prepare yourself for a first conversation, which is very important in order to have an answer ready for every question.

Focused search for investors

There are many internet sites that offer lists of investors who are looking for Investment focus are sorted. The investment focus is the industry in which investors put their money. You should also find out beforehand which other companies the investor is already investing in in order to avoid a so-called portfolio conflict. This arises when you contact an investor who is already in adirect or indirect competitors of your company invested.

Look for investors in online business networks

Online business networks like LinkedIn or XING are one of the most obvious and easiest ways to find investors. Plus, they're free and you can use the full potential that these websites offer. Here are a few points to keep in mind: A short and concise presentation of your company will have a higher success rate than long descriptions or personal messages. Investors receive up to hundreds of messages every day. Messages that are too long often end up in the trash without further notice. It is also important to make your profile on social networks professional and appealing.

The only downside to this method is that you no personal contact to the investor and thus cannot build a trustworthy basis. So as soon as you have the feeling that the investor is interested, you should suggest a face-to-face meeting. You get to know each other and you can present your business idea in more detail.

Find investors at events for startups

Due to the large and growing number of companies in theStart-up industry there are many events available for you to search for investors. For one, there is Events for a special industry that can be very helpful for your search. Here you can be sure of the interest of investors in your sector and consequently your company. These are mainly trade fairs and other information events. Further, specialized events are specifically designed to help start-ups find investors.

Present business ideas convincingly

Use events where founders of startups pitch their business ideas and the audience consists of investors. It is crucial to appear confident and create a trustworthy image.

Events are unfortunately not always free, but they can still be an efficient way to find investors. The advantage is that many investors are present and you can get a good overview. Events are also a very good opportunity Expand your network, and thus maybe to make contacts for the next steps of your company.

Incubators and Business Angels

Incubators are now often mediated through large companies that have made it their business to provide financial support to start-ups. However, there are also private individuals who act as incubators. But what exactly is an incubator? They are business people with a certain amount of experience with whom they can help you not only financially, but also in the development of ideas and the start-up process Advice on how to develop your business assist.

Plus there is stillBusiness angelsthat support you in the early stages of your company in a similar way to incubators. The difference to incubators is that business angels already have one finished business idea and require a well-developed business plan to support them. It also applies here that careful research, depending on the industry, makes sense before making an initial contact. The advantage of this method is that it not only helps you with the financial development of your company, but also that the experienced investors give you lots of advice and are at your side in difficult situations.

How you can speed up the search for investors

Preparing for your search for suitable investors is critical to your success. Therefore, you should invest time accordingly. Of course you have your hands full in the initial phase and other tasks have to be done. The investment will be worth it for you in the end, so take your time.

It should be noted that there are a multitude of possibilities for the search for investors. Regardless of whether you use your circle of friends and your network, business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn or events - it is important that you use your Business plan including financial plan well worked out have and always gives investors a confident and trustworthy impression. An important prerequisite for a successful search is that you find out about the industry and the companies in which the investors are active before you contact them for the first time.

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