What happens at an atheist wedding

  • Fatwâ Date: 25-5-2009
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Is it allowed to marry a German? What are the conditions for a valid marriage contract if the marriage is concluded in Germany or in an Islamic country?
Does the bride's father have to be present even if he is a Christian? Or does the bride have to choose a Muslim man herself (to represent her at the wedding)?


Praise be to Allaah! May Allaah honor his Messenger and give him well-being!


And now to the question:


The Muslim is allowed to marry a chaste Muslim woman or a chaste woman of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians). The nationality of the woman plays no role at all. The conditions of marriage in the case of a Christian or a Jew are the normal conditions of a valid marriage contract:


- Consent of both partners

- Presence of the bride's guardian

- Presence of witnesses to the marriage contract, etc.


It does not matter whether the marriage is concluded in a Muslim or non-Muslim country.


A relative of the woman who is of the same religion as she enters into the marriage contract on her behalf. If she's a Muslim, a Muslim relative will take care of it.


If she has no Muslim relatives, the Muslim ruler or his representative will marry her. If she is of the People of the Book, she will be married to an authorized guardian of the same religion as she, who in turn may authorize a person of the same religion to enter into marriage.


We must point out here that it is not advisable for a Muslim to marry a woman from the People of the Book, as this marriage affects the religion and character of the children, and has other negative consequences.


And Allah knows best.

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