When will Diablo III be released?

Diablo 3: The new patch 2.6.10 has been released

Patch notes for patch 2.6.10

Here you can find the patch notes for Diablo III, Patch 2.6.10.

annotation: Unless otherwise noted, all changes apply to all platforms of Diablo III- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


The shadows, they are in motion and seem ... alive. It almost seems like they have a will of their own. Whatever is behind it - maybe you can use it to your advantage. How do you think the demons will react if you fight side by side with your own shadow?

Shadow of the past: When you activate a shrine / pylon, a shadow clone of your class is created. This clone has one of three fixed builds (chosen at random). The clone's power scales with your character and it lasts for 1 minute or until your character dies. Below you will find the different shadow clones that are created when shrines / pylons are activated.

Witch doctor

1. Build2. Build3. Build
Embrace of the dead - rain of corpsesWall of death - wall of fireVisitation - Poisoned Spirit
Piranhas - zombie piranhasIncendiary Bomb - BushfireGhost Barrage - The ghost is willing
Zombie attacker - zombie bearsAcid cloud - acid rainWall of Death - Séance
Corpse spiders - Medusa spidersPiranhas - zombie piranhasPiranhas - zombie piranhas
Locust Plague - Infested SwarmZombie attacker - Explosive beastAcid cloud - permafrost
Acid cloud - kiss of deathSpirit Barrage - Well of SoulsClutching the Dead - Fixing Clasp



1. Build2. Build3. Build
Arcane Orb - Frozen OrbMeteor - Molten ImpactArcane sphere - extinction
Frostnova - Frozen FogArcane sphere - scorchingDisintegration - volatility
Blizzard - Relentless stormExplosion - a short fuseBlast wave - debilitating thrust
Energy Vortex - Angry StormBlizzard - apocalypseSlowing down time - exhaustion
Explosion - extinctionBlast wave - heat waveEnergy Vortex - Angry Storm
Ray of frost - black iceDisintegration - ConvergenceMeteor - Star Pact



1. Build2. Build3. Build
Seismic crashing - rumblingBattle rage - anger of the marauderBattle frenzy - cruelty
Threatening call - unsettlingThreatening call - unsettlingThreatening call - unsettling
Landslide - volcanoBerserker's Wrath - madnessJump - jump
Earthquake - Lava EruptionSprint - as fast as the windBerserker's Wrath - madness
Berserker's Wrath - madnessWhirlwind - dust devilChop - pulverize
Ancestral Spear - Throwing RockMangle - flesh woundHammer of the Ancestors - Thunder Rolls



1. Build2. Build3. Build
Sweeping Kick - Sweeping Armada KickThunder Fists - Static electricityExploding hand - burning essence
Blow of the seven fists - brilliant offensiveWay of the Hundred Fists - Hands as fast as lightningSeven Fist Blow - Sudden Attack
Holy contemplation - interventionParalyzing wave - tremorSweeping kick - rotating flame kick
Revelation - Soothing FogStrike of the seven fists - death in flamesTorrential wind - firestorm
Breath of Heaven - Circle of MockeryWave of Light - Pillar of the AncientsWave of Light - Explosive Light
Wave of Light - Wave of PowerTorrential wind - cycloneRevelation - Inner Fire



1. Build2. Build3. Build
Land of the Dead - PlaguelandsLand of the Dead - PlaguelandsLand of the Dead - Plaguelands
Fragility - An early graveFragility - An early graveFragility - An early grave
Army of the Dead - Death StormArmy of the Dead - Toxic GripCarcass Lance - Blood Lance
Dead body explosion - last hugCarcass lance - ricochetBone Spear - Shatter
Bone Spear - Blood SpearBone Spear - Contaminated MarrowDeath Nova - Bone Nova
Death Nova - Blood NovaDeath nova - plague


Demon Hunter

1. Build2. Build3. Build
Sentenced to Death - Valley of DeathSentenced to Death - Valley of DeathSentenced to Death - Valley of Death
Crow's Feet - Serrated SpinesHail of revenge - gloomy cloudHail of revenge - darken the sun
Fan of daggers - assassin's knivesSplinter Arrow - missile splintersSplinter Arrow - Maelstrom
Chakram - twin chakramsMulti-shot - ArsenalImpale - a resounding throw
Vengeance - Flank CannonsVengeance - hand mortarChakram - serpentine
Impale - ricochetElemental arrow - fire arrowElemental Arrow - Frost Arrow


1. Build2. Build3. Build
Akarat's Champion - ArsonistAkarat's Champion - HasteAkarat's Champion - Pulling Together
Heavenly Enforcement - Highly HeatedIron skin - lightning speedHeavenly execution - rapid fall
Swing Attack - Flaming SwingBlessed Shield - Splintering ThrowHeavenly Fury - Shared Fury
Consecration - cracked groundConsecration - flood of lightHeaven's Fist - Retribution
Bombardment - extinctionBlessed hammer - limitlessIron skin - explosive skin
Guilty verdict - retortGuilty verdict - UnleashedGuilty Verdict - Crushing Blast


Kanai's Cube: Kanai's Cube will have fourth place this season. You have the same options for this fourth place as for the first three, but it cannot be stacked with them. We want to offer you more creative freedom in your character builds.



  • Haedrig's Gift now grants all class sets and has a new rotation schedule. In the coming season, depending on the selected class, you will receive from Haedrig's gift Horde of the Ninety Savages, Aegis of Valor, Gear of Terror, Pattern of Justice, Masquerade of the Burning Carnival, Mundunugus Ornat or The Typhon Veil.
  • Stone Mail Gloves will now be dropped for all classes.
  • The Paragon gold discovery bonus has been changed to an increased gold collection radius of 0.1 per point.


Changes to items

  • New item * Gelmindor's marrow protectors: Bone spears wrought by simulacras deal 300–400% more damage.
  • Ivory tower: Multiple attacks blocked in quick succession now increase Skyfire's damage up to 2.5 times.
  • Mantle of channeling: The channelization time of 1 second before the effect is activated has been removed.
  • The rotten sword: Energy vortex now deals 125-150% more damage for each active energy vortex (up to a maximum of 5). Vortex of energy automatically receives the effect of the Rune Storm, and the tornado can merge with three additional vortices of energy.
  • Etched seal mark: While channeling Arcane Flood, Disintegration or Ray of Frost, the damage of your energy vortex is increased by 200–250% and another energy vortex is triggered every second.
  • Fragment of determination: You attack 50% faster with core spells and they deal triple damage. Whenever you get a hit with a core spell, you gain a spectral buff. Hydras do 25-30% more damage for each stack. Stackable up to 10 times.
  • Valthek's rebuke: Vortex of energy now moves in a straight line and deals 300-400% more damage.
  • Winter rush: There is a 25% chance that enemies who die from cold damage will trigger a Frost Nova. Your Hydra deals 125–150% more damage to opponents in a Blizzard.
  • Magic thorn: Attacks have a 25% chance of sending out a Frozen Orb. Arcane Orb deals 300–350% more damage.
  • Delseres Opus Magnum: The set bonus (6 parts) has been increased from 8,500% to 12,500%.
  • The Typhon Veil: The set bonus (6 pieces) has been increased from 1,300% to 2,000%.
  • Norvald's furious zeal: The set bonus (2 parts) has been increased from 100% to 400% damage bonus.
  • Akkhan's armor: The set bonus (6 parts) has been increased from 1,500% to 2,000% damage bonus.
  • Roland's legacy: The set bonus (4 parts) has been increased from 13,000% to 17,500% damage bonus.
  • Seeker of light: The set bonus (6 pieces) now increases the damage done by Blessed Hammer by 15,000% (was 12,000%).
  • Belt of the Secret Treasure: Every 4 seconds you let a bombardment fall on a random enemy in the vicinity. Bombardment deals 400–500% more damage.
  • Deadly drama: Doubles the number of bombing hits. Bombardment deals 400–500% more damage.
  • Thorns of the Invoker: The set bonus (2 parts) has been reduced from 350% to 90% and can now be stacked up to 10 times. The set bonus (6 pieces) has been increased from 15,000% to 67,500% and the attack speed bonus has been increased from 50% to 100%.
  • Manajuma's path: Angry Chicken's explosion damage bonus has been increased from 400% to 2,000%. Manajuma's Path now includes a third legendary affix that allows Angry Chicken to create a chicken that will seek enemies every second, dealing 25% of the angry chicken's explosion damage.
  • New item * Urzu's trampled image: New legendary mojo for witch doctors. Increases the damage done by zombie attackers by 100–150%. The Zombie Bear rune now summons 8 bears that keep walking.
  • Spirit of Arachyr: The set bonus (6 parts) has been increased from 9,000% to 17,500% damage bonus.
  • Hell tooth armor: The set bonus (6 parts) has been increased from 9,000% to 17,500% damage bonus.
  • Walrus tooth: Reduces the mana cost of zombie attackers by 75% and increases damage by six to seven times.
  • Inna's mantra: The set bonus (6 parts) has been increased from 750% to 950% damage bonus.
  • Shenlong's spirit: The damage bonus has been increased from 200% to 350%.
  • Uliana's List (Set): Now grants a 77% damage reduction for 7 seconds after using Exploding Hand.
  • Gungdo rails: The explosion of Exploding Hand triggered on death also applies Exploding Hand to all captured enemies. Exploding Hand damage is increased by 75–100%.
  • Blade of the Trunks: War cry and threatening shout trigger landslides and earthquakes. Landslides and earthquakes cause 600–800% more damage. The Tribal Blade affix for earthquakes has been incorporated into a new legendary affix so that earthquakes are no longer strengthened by two affixes.


Bug fixes and various updates

  • The game client has been updated and now allows the entry of passwords with more than 16 characters in the game.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Win32 (32-bit) clients for PC and macOS to crash.
  • Fixed a bug related to Magic Thorn. Frozen Orb will now trigger properly.
  • Simulacras that cast death scythe with haunted visions no longer benefit twice from Trag’Oul's rusty tusks.
  • Blessed Hammer will now self-destruct after hitting 63 targets.
  • Older items now properly stack with these new items: Gungdo Rails, Blade of the Tribes, Election Steed, Belt of the Secret Treasure, Deadly Drama, Winter Haste, Magic Thorn, Etched Seal, and Fragment of Destiny.
  • Fixed a bug that caused minions of necromancers to deal additional damage to cursed enemies. This bug was caused by the original bug fix for Haunted Visions + Trag’Ouls Rusty Tusks.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trag’Oul's Rusty Tusk from granting servants the intended bonuses.