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More male Indian first names:
Bali is a name, the name of the following people:
Bharat, Bharath, Bharata, Bharatam, Bhārat or Bhārata possibly a transliteration of the two Bharata (Sanskrit: भरत, lit. "further") or Bhārata (Sanskrit: भारत, illuminated. "Came from Bharata") and stands for:
Bhavesh or Bhavish (भवेश, ભવેશ) is an Indian male given name. It supposedly comes from the Sanskrit words Bhāva, which means "existence" and phew, which means "Ishvara" ईश्वर "Lord, ruler". It also means "Lord Shiva". Bhavesh is popular name in Gupta, Sharma, Patel community etc.
Bhupinder is an Indian male name and stands for:
Bhushan is an Indian given name.
Bibin is a male given name of Indian origin. It is also the possessive form of Biba, a diminutive of Biljana.
Biju (Malayalam: ബിജു) is a popular male given name in India, especially in Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, and Bangladesh.
Anja is a male given name in Bengali, Hindi and Nepali languages, comes from Sanskrit for "happiness" or "joy". A corresponding name with a similar meaning is Vinod.
Binu is a common given name for boys in the state of Kerala in southern western India. The name became popular in the 1970s. Binu is also a short form of Benjamin, Aramiac, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic name. Benjamin is derived from the Latin name Benjamin.

More male Indian first names:

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