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Language learning with Netflix

As already mentioned, you can learn great English with Netflix or expand your existing English skills. Here are the best shows for learning English with Netflix:

With the American sitcom Friends, which was produced from 1994 to 2004 and consists of a total of ten seasons, you can learn them in no time at all English language. The lives of the protagonists Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Ross are portrayed with a lot of sarcasm and humor.

Even if you are new to fantasy, the Middle Ages & Co, you should definitely give this series a chance. Especially if you are no longer a complete beginner when it comes to learning English, but you are already learning it yourself Advanced binge learning or even professionals count, you will achieve quick success with this series. Because complex courses of action, fantasy creatures and wars and all of that in classy British accent, will definitely demand your knowledge of English.

You are interested in that American legal system and a combination of Corruption murder and intrigue sounds exactly to your taste? Then the American series House of Cards is just right for you. You may find it a little difficult to understand the many political and economic terms in English at first, but with a little focus and interest in the series, you will quickly become a America and politics professional.

This drama series takes place during the industrial revolution in Birmingham and shows the life of the Peaky Blinders gang, consisting of members of a Gipsy family. The special thing about this series is the dialect of the Birmingham area, which too "Brummie", "Brummagem" or "Bromwichham" is called. This British, rough-looking accent is not always easy to understand, but it fits perfectly with the industrial life of the 1920s featured in the series. Depending on how advanced you are in the English language, it can initially make sense to watch the series with German subtitles.