Why do most footballers love tattoos?

Soccer players and their tattoos

Soccer players and their tattoos

Kevin-Prince Boateng, David Beckham or Simon Kjaer, they not only share their love for football, but also for the tattoo needle. We'll show you the tattoos and what they mean for soccer players.

Kevin-Prince Boateng, David Beckham and Simon Kjaer aren't the only ones Soccer player with a penchant for extensive body art. See here in the gallery what the footballers have captured as a tattoo for eternity and what they mean to them, because for the players, body art is more than just artt.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Sweden captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic relies on meaningful messages: the birthdays of his family, the names of his sons and some spiritual symbols adorn the arms and upper body.

Marcell Jansen

Ex-HSV kicker and current member of the supervisory board of HSV Fußball AG, Marcell Jansen had his zodiac sign Scorpio stabbed on his forearm.

Djibril Cissé

For the French player Djibril Cissé, the question is not where he has tattoos, but rather: where not? Almost the entire body of the athlete is covered with patterns. But even the untattoed face does not stay "naked": the blonde whiskers is an additional eye-catcher.

David Beckham

Probably the best-known among tattoo footballers: David Beckham has all sorts of stars and Bible symbols as well as the names of his children engraved on his skin.

Luca Toni

Little cheat sheet: Luca Toni has stung a memory of the 2006 world championship finals in Berlin on his left upper arm. You should actually be able to remember such a title win without using ink.

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Profound: Football Bad Boy Kevin-Prince Boateng shows his emotional side with the chest saying "Love is pain and pain is love". ("Love is pain and pain is love").

Wayne Rooney

The England player also shows his love of country on his body. The English flag is emblazoned on the left upper arm together with the words "English and proud".

Simon Kjaer

The Dane Simon Kjaer gradually had both arms completely decorated. In addition to the Last Supper from the Bible, there are also four stars there, which are supposed to stand for his parents, his sister and himself.

Marco Materazzi

The Italian Marco Materazzi, who is notorious for his freaking out, has had a multitude of images engraved in his skin. The wings on his back, for example, stand for his deceased mother, on the arms, among other things, there are colorful diamonds and skulls.

Sergio Ramos

In addition to many other pieces of ink jewelery, Spain player Sergio Ramos had the trophy engraved on his talented calf after winning the 2010 World Cup.

Mathieu Debuchy

The French Mathieu Debuchy has a soft spot for tattoos. His left arm alone is covered with more decorations than most people have on their entire body. The most common symbols: tribal patterns and Latin numbers.

Torsten Frings

Ex-national player Torsten Frings has already had some memories immortalized on his body. Among other things, there are the first letters of his daughters, the zodiac signs of the family members and some fantasy motifs.

Tim Cahill

The Australian player Tim Cahill has come up with something extraordinary: his left arm is decorated with a kind of family tree that tells the story of his family and his football career.


Rafinha shows real sense of family with his tattoos, because the sayings on his arms are dedicated to his parents. On the right forearm is written "Pai semper te amarei" ("Father, I will always love you") and on the left "Mae te amo" ("Mama, I love you").

Daniele de Rossi

The Italy professional certainly has some of the weirdest tattoos of this EM. In addition to a warning sign for tackling opponents, there is also a colorful picture of the Teletubbies on it.

Jose Paolo Guerrero

Who needs photos! Ex-HSV player Guerrero simply had the picture of his little son stabbed on his stomach. Otherwise, there are sayings and a religious image of Joseph and Maria on the body of the professional kicker.

Humberto Suazo

As strikers, footballers have to be quick and assertive. So it's no wonder that the Chilean Suazo symbolically tattooed a panther on his upper body.

Daniel Agger

The Dane Daniel Agger is a walking work of art. In addition to the Latin saying "Mors certa, hora incerta" ("Death is certain, the hour uncertain"), a Viking cemetery adorns his back.