When will the doctor's domain extension be available?

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SWITCH: How do I find out which new top level domains are already available?
Wolfram Schmidt:
We continuously publish all information on this topic on our knowledge database www.switchie.ch, and you can find all available domains with price information on our website. The ICANN (Internet Corporation of Names and Numbers), responsible for the approval of the new gTLDs, maintains a list of the newly introduced endings on the website http://newgtlds.icann.org/de/program-status/delegated-strings. There are currently around five to ten new ones being added each week.

Who are the new gTLDs for?
In general, everyone whose desired domain with the ending .ch has already been taken has the chance to find a domain with the name that corresponds to their business or purpose of the website from the more than 500 new endings. In addition, so-called "Restricted Domains" are especially interesting for those who run a certain business. In the case of restricted domains, it is checked whether the domain owners are even qualified for it. For example, the owner of a domain with the extension .med must really be a doctor. Or .swiss: here the Federal Office of Communication wants to ensure that such domains are only given to those whose website has a direct link to Switzerland. This of course enhances such domain names.

What should I do if I want to reserve a new top level domain?
Interested parties can register their non-binding interest at www.switchplus.ch. You simply open a user account and can immediately reserve new domains free of charge and without obligation. switchplus informs interested parties as soon as they can be converted into a binding registration application. If desired, switchplus will then try to register the domains for those interested.

When can I register and actively use the new Top Level Domain?
Unfortunately, this cannot be said in general, because it depends on the phase of the desired gTLD. We have shown how this process works on our information page. Over 50 new endings are currently available, and the registered domains can be used directly at switchplus for your own website or e-mail address.