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Sixth Corona Citizens' Forum on the consequences of pandemics for young people and children

At the sixth Corona Citizens' Forum, the participants focused on the psychological consequences of the pandemic for children and adolescents and called for more attention to the unprecedented exceptional situation they are currently in.

At the sixth Corona Citizens' Forum on Thursday, May 20, 2021, the focus was on the situation of children and adolescents during the Corona pandemic. The participants particularly focused on the psychological consequences of the pandemic and called for more attention to the unprecedented exceptional situation in which children and adolescents are currently found. Encouraged by lectures by experts, among other things, the random citizens made suggestions to support those affected in the current situation.

The focus was initially on the exchange with the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Theresa Schopper and discussions on current topics such as learning delays, tutoring or the organization of the summer vacation. The participants put their questions directly to the Minister of Education, who gave an insight into both the current state of affairs and planned measures to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic. "The Citizens' Forum is very valuable to me as Minister of Education, because it is important to me to seek a dialogue with everyone involved," said Minister of Education Theresa Schopper. She added: “It is gratifying that the incidences are falling and that we can return to more normalcy in school. One of our most important jobs is to take care of the students who have not coped so well with distance learning. Here we are working flat out on support and funding programs. "

Lectures by Dr. Dieter Dohmen from the Research Institute for Educational and Social Economics in Berlin. He primarily described the consequences of the pandemic for disadvantaged groups. Elisabeth Schilli, press spokeswoman for the regional student council, and Emilie Dreier, a 10th grade student at a secondary school and daughter of a participant in the citizens' forum, criticized the debate about the “lost” Corona generation. This suppresses the efforts and exertions that students put in every day to organize learning as sensibly as possible, even in times of pandemic. In particular, the impression must be avoided that this is a generation that can be written off. Waltraud Weegmann, chairwoman of the German Kita-Verband, criticized the insufficient attention paid to the day-care centers and their importance for the children.

In small groups, the participants then worked out specific ideas to improve the situation of the children and young people. Random citizens agreed that a general improvement in the psychological situation of the children and adolescents should have priority over catching up on learning delays and specific technical content. In outdoor games and sports, where the risk of infection can be assumed to be low, normality should be returned to normal as soon as possible, provided the incidence continues to decline. For this purpose, the development of special leisure activities makes sense, according to the participants' vote.

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