Is Donald Trump's marriage legitimate

Melania Trump: spokeswoman angry - "This question is pathetic"

by Jennifer Renk
The marriage of Melania Trump and Donald Trump is again in the public eye after the missed re-election of the US President - much to the displeasure of one of the couple's employees.

Outwardly, Melania Trump, 50, leaves the discussion about a separation cold. As expected, she appears with Donald Trump, 74, at a memorial ceremony at Washington National Cemetery on November 11th (it will be the couple's first appearance since Joe Biden, 77, elected). Melania also adheres to First Lady etiquette on Twitter; speaks out on memorial days and other national events. But what does it look like behind the facade?

Melania Trump: The subject of separation is taboo for the press

Divorce or no divorce, that is the question. Stephanie Grisham, 44, who has been Melania's chief of staff since April 2020, has no sympathy for her employers' interest in marriage. She is annoyed with "The Washington Post":

That question is pathetic and that is exactly why people no longer trust the mainstream media. No legitimate journalist would ask this.

Other people from the Trump environment are more willing to provide information. Opinions on a potential divorce differ.

This outfit proves Melania Trump still has it!

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The first lady stays with Donald Trump

"I do not think Melania is leaving Donald. She is very willingly involved in his plans and considers his convictions to be her own," Michael Cohen, 532, the former lawyer for the US President told the Washington Post. " You deserve each other. "

Melania's former friend and colleague Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, 50, has a similar opinion. She says: Despite different personalities, the Trumps get along well with each other. "It's part of the show. She was always the quiet. It was loud. She was the soft. He was the tough. They play against each other. It's the part that makes the relationship work."

An ex-advisor to Donald Trump, Omarosa Manigault Newman, 46, takes a different view. In her 2018 book "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House" she writes: "Melania Trump counts every minute until he is no longer in office and she can get a divorce."

Donald Trump's term in the White House will end on January 20, 2021. Then it will show who should be right.

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