Why do people fart more in winter

Flatulencein the cut fart we eight Times Per Day

An Australian scientist has now dealt with farting. One result: suppression is not recommended. Because the gases somehow find their way out - possibly via the way up.

Let's start with the basics: Everyone farts 8 to 15 times a day. So it's very normal. Talking about it is still not easy for many. When our reporter Rebekka Endler asked on the street how often people fart during the day, many respondents were rather embarrassed. The subject is too personal.

Intestinal binders are essential for survival

That was not always so. Henry the Second is said to have even been entertained regularly by an artificial fart named Roland around 1000 AD. From Martin Luther to Shakespeare: There are many indications that farting often caused general amusement and that our ancestors may have had a much more relaxed approach to this body function.

Teenage boys seem an exception. "For them it is more the subject of competitions. Whoever makes the loudest and smellyest has won. But otherwise it is of course embarrassing," says Yael Adler, doctor and author of the book "You don't talk about it. Get rid of body taboos" .

Women and flatulence - a taboo subject

Yael Adler says that unpleasant smells trigger an archaic reflex that tells us: "There could also be a disease behind it." That's why we are disgusted with it. Could be contagious. However, intestinal winds are normal and essential for survival. If, on the other hand, farts are associated with bulging pains or they smell particularly bad for you, or there are very, very many, then that is a sign that something is out of order, says Yael Adler. And then you should also go to the doctor.

"You can do a lot there, but you have to be a bit of a detective with your intestinal winds."
Yael Adler, doctor and author of "You don't talk about that. Get rid of body taboos".

Farting - dealing with flatulence is still taboo. Especially women find it difficult to do so. Doctor Yael Adler knows this from her own experience and remembers an experience when she once went to Paris with a great man: "I wanted to be an elven creature. I wanted to smell good and not do anything uncharacteristic." Of course she suppressed her farts and says she almost burst after three and a half days.

"For women, the disgusting taboo of being stinky is much bigger than for men, who can still develop a pride in their own flatulence."
Yael Adler, doctor and author of "You don't talk about that. Get rid of body taboos".

So, in the name of equality: women, fart! That is healthy. And freed. Not only the body of gases, but also the woman of her cliché of the rose-scented princess - which in reality doesn't even exist.

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