Do you still live in SA?

Translation of "do you live" in Romanian

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trăieşti locuieşti eşti


You are my guest and here are you living according to my rules.
Eşti oaspetele meu ... dar trebuie să trăiești după regulile mele.
And for some reason are you living still.
Well luckily are you living yes here now.
Since... are you living with your aunt.
Calm down, then are you living longer.
Stop worrying then are you living longer.
As far as i heard are you living on a big foot.
Trăieşti într-un mare style din câte am auzit.
Then are you living so still according to the code.
Aha, deci inca traiesti conform codului.
Above are you livingas Cocteau wants.
Nevertheless are you living, that's the problem.
Îți permiți să trăiești, asta e problema ta.
If you're doing something this big, then are you living really.
Dacă faci ceva atât de important ... asta înseamnă să trăiești.
There are you living 21 years with a guy.
Therefore are you living so on your old days.
But now are you living in Mission Hills.
And thus are you living every day.
Why are you living on this houseboat?
Three weeks are you living already with a bullet in the neck.
Trăieşti de trei săptămâni cu un glonț în gât.
You may have died an anonymous stunt man, but it was me are you living further.
Poate ca ai murit un cascador anonim, dar traiesti prin mine.
So as i heard are you living in the gates.
On auzit că locuieşti în complexul "Porțile".
Why are you living yours for him?
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