When is used when you write

That or that?

Again the tiresome topic "The distinction between this and that"! You don't really need to know a lot to use the correct spelling of the two words.

Take a look at the following example sentences: They give you an overview of the four rules that you absolutely need to know in order to distinguish the two words.

  1. The sun mercilessly burns the land.
  2. He can't like that at all.
  3. Lina wears a blue dress that looks good on her.
  4. All pedestrians know that they are not allowed to cross the street when it is red.


The word the do you use if it is a certain articles, a Demonstrative pronouns or a relative pronoun acts:

Part of speechexample Replacement sample: You can do that Demonstrative pronounsthe by this / this and the relative pronoun through which one replace.
definite articletheThemobileno replacement sample
Demonstrative pronouns (indicative pronoun) theTheCell phone rings.Thisrings.
relative pronoun (related pronoun introducing a subordinate clause) theThe phone,therings in class, belongs to Peter.The phone,which onerings in class, belongs to Peter.

Write the with a sif instead you too this, that or which one can use or it is an article!


The conjunctionthat belongs to the subordinate conjunctionsthat introduce a subordinate clause separated from the main clause by a comma. The subordinate clause can come before or after the main clause.

The conjunction that are you writing always With ss! You can thatNot by this, that or which one replace!

Part of speech example
conjunction thatPeter is annoyed that he forgot to turn off the cell phone. Now he gets detention.

Write thatif it is a conjunction acts. You can determine this by not being able to perform a replacement sample.

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that and that in the film!

Would you like to repeat everything important about the words that and that? Then watch the video: