How safe are the Maldives

Maldives security

Maldives security - how is it going? The crime rate is very low in the Maldives and so there are hardly any reasons to feel unsafe as a tourist in the Maldives. Unlike in other countries, the tourists usually stay in their resorts, which are spread over the various islands and are therefore only connected to one another by waterways. Therefore, the options for criminals are very limited. Due to the role tourism plays in the Maldivian economy, the authorities are working hard to ensure travelers' safety in the Maldives. Since the Maldives is a Muslim country, social problems such as alcoholism and drug addiction are relatively rare.

Safety tips for your Maldives vacation

Make sure you wear appropriate clothing

When visiting religious sites, be sure to dress appropriately. Knees and shoulders should always be covered.

In Malé, stick to busy streets

Aside from taking the usual precautions regarding your property, especially your valuables, it is highly unlikely that you will be exposed to any security risk in the Maldives. The only place where this actually exists is in Malé during the night. Even in this situation, however, you should be able to avoid problems if you use common sense and, most importantly, stay in well-lit streets.

Maldives safe and worry free

If you have any questions about security in the Maldives, our experts will be happy to help. While you can always contact your travel agent with your questions and requests - around the clock, seven days a week.


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