How to overcome the rethinking

Why Overthinking Destroys Your Flow: Don't Hang Your Head!

Sometimes our thoughts can keep us awake. When the head suddenly starts to collect thoughts like crazy in the evening before falling asleep. If I set the alarm clock, which tasks do I urgently need to do and refuel, I would have to go again. This process is called rethinking.

A mistake that we often make is the so-called "Overthinking”. It happens over and over. Every day we think for many minutes and sometimes hours about our life, our behavior towards other friends, people, co-workers or colleagues. Thinking about life and death can be time consuming. A malicious conversation can be brooded for months or weeks afterwards. What if I had just spoken my thoughts out loud? Overthinking occurs very often, especially after an argument with a loss of contact.

The Power of Thought - Stop Your Brooding

Overthinking costs us energy and time that we could use more effectively. Overthinking people think about their decision until they tell themselves it is too risky. The motto: Better to do without, but be on the safe side and not lose anything.

Have exactly at this point more decisive People some advantage. You approach situations carelessly, so you don't have such a big problem with brooding. You have an idea spontaneously and just get started, not worrying too much about what could go wrong.

There are also examples of this in sport. You can tell from many soccer players that they are more likely to optimistic go to stressful situations. They face the pressure of the spectators, fans, coaches and sponsors and just play their game. They go about their task a little carelessly and do not allow themselves to be greatly influenced.

Notice overthinking in good time

Actually, you quickly notice when there is too much brooding again. The initially good idea suddenly turns into a complete defeat. The whole Risks you didn't see it at first and suddenly crush the well-intentioned idea.

The reason for so-called overthinking is that certain internal conversations or ideas are very important to us. So we start to think about what could go wrong with it. Once the Thought bubble grows, so do those “Worst case” scenarios and burst our dream bubble.

How to stop brooding? - 5 tips for you

Put an end to brooding and rethinking. Just like our upbringing, our environment influences our decisions and development.

1. Talk to inspiring people

There are always pessimists who only see the negative in everyday life. It is also they who increase your doubts. Maybe you prefer to talk to one neutral personthat you think is more likely to be positive aligned.

2. Brainstorming: make a list of advantages and disadvantages

If you're unsure of your idea, try making a table. You write on one side advantageson the other disadvantage. Try to write down a positive and a negative side for each bullet point. Again, you will receive feedback from someone you trust. This procedure gives you a good overview.

3. Stop the flow of thoughts

To avoid succumbing to overthinking again, try doing something different. Take a walk, listen to music, have a coffee or watch a movie. All of this helps to distract yourself and to go to your project calmly.

4. Write down the “worst case” scenarios to make it easier for you to decide

What may seem a bit strange is important. Just write down what the worst could happen. So you have a good overview of the possible consequences. On the other hand, you see that even the worst consequences are not quite as bad as expected.

5. You only live once, so don't worry too much

With all the thoughts that come over you, always remember that you only live once. That should be answer enough.

In general, it is completely normal to think about certain decisions longer. However, the thoughts can negatively affect you when you are actually busy with something else. Many topics also occupy you on the side. Therefore, don't let a feeling of powerlessness overwhelm you. If you follow our tips, you will be able to approach your projects a little more effectively in the future. I wish you success!