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Water quality Berlin

In order to guarantee high-quality groundwater, there is 221 square kilometers of area in Berlin that is designated as a water protection area. These water protection areas include 360 ​​kilometers of shoreline, 13 lakes and the five rivers Spree, Havel, Dahme, Panke and Wuhle. The water protection zones are subdivided into Zones 1 (radius of 10 meters) to Zone 3 (entire water catchment area). 2

Water quality in Berlin waters

The groundwater is permanently checked with over 2500 observation tubes and examined with water samples. The natural waters around Berlin have a great ability to clean themselves and offer many swimming opportunities. “Swimming is forbidden”, however, in general in the Spree, in canals, in the Havel from the island of Eiswerder to Pichelsdorfer Gmünd, in ports, on bridges, in locks, at ship piers and on ferries. 3

Special features of Berlin water

Berlin has an innovative water supply system. In order to achieve good Berlin water quality, the sewage treatment plants are to receive a fourth purification stage by 2024, which will remove phosphate from the water particularly thoroughly. Environmental protection plays a major role in water treatment: It is worth mentioning here that the recycling fertilizer Berlin plant made from wastewater, which was awarded the GreenTec Award in 2015 when testing water, is worth mentioning.