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How many birds are supposed to become extinct worldwide before politicians start to act. First of all, ask yourself the question: "Who is to blame for bird death?" The answer is: "Man." Humans have always been the number one enemy of birds. Some may now ask why is it all man's fault? Quite simply, with humans everything revolves around profit and gain. Nature conservation, environmental protection, animal welfare and bird protection are at the back. For a better understanding, I show you many pictures on which you can see how the meadows, forests and fields looked like in the past and how they look today (2018). In the fifties and sixties there was already a major bird of prey deaths caused by the insect repellent DDT. It was banned in the late 1970s. The eagle owl, the white-tailed eagle and the peregrine falcon were on the verge of extinction.

Pictures too - All about bird deaths - The causes and remedies

As I said before, humans are birds' greatest enemy. It not only destroys the birds' habitat, but also their food sources. I'll show you some pictures where you can see how beautiful the meadows used to bloom with the various wildflowers.

Pictures of bird death - meadow with lots of wildflowers and insects

Nowadays you can no longer see wildflowers and insects in the meadows. The meadows only look green. As you can see now, man destroys the food source (insects) of the birds. There is also a picture.

Picture for - All about bird deaths - No more insects

Why is it that there are no wildflowers in the meadows these days? The farmers want to generate ever higher yields on their fields and meadows. To achieve this, a lot of pesticides are used in agriculture today. Poison is sprayed for as long as it takes. In the past, weeds were removed from potatoes, for example, with a hoe. Today the potato field is sprayed several times with pesticides so that only the potato can grow and all other plants die. The toxic injections are used almost every day, e.g. in blueberry fields, strawberry fields, potato fields, cabbage fields, corn fields, root fields, in apple orchards and in the vineyards. This is how the insects are killed. And people are slowly poisoning themselves too.

Picture on bird death - pesticides destroy insects

As you can now see in the picture, before the new seeds come up, the field is sprayed with glyphosate (pesticide) for the first time so that no other plants can grow. Glyphosate not only destroys weeds but also the food sources of the insects. When the insects are gone, so are the birds. One is always dependent on the other. It has always been like this. For example, the normads used to move their animals to wherever there was food. Where should the birds fly when insects around the world are poisoned by pesticides? The birds can no longer find food and die out. More under: Young birds under the nest.

Picture on bird death - pesticides (glyphosate) destroy insects

Not only pesticides contribute to bird death, but also liquid manure / manure that is spread on fields and meadows. The farmers speak of fertilizer when they spray the liquid manure on their meadows and fields. The liquid manure / liquid manure not only contaminates our waters / groundwater, but also contains many bacteria and viruses. One hears often enough that bird deaths have again been triggered by viruses. Not only do birds die from viruses and bacteria, but humans too. How long will the waters, meadows and fields be contaminated by liquid manure / liquid manure? Many species of birds are already extinct.

Picture on bird death - through overfertilization with liquid manure and liquid manure

The monocultures are increasing out of greed for profit. And the birds are dying out more and more. The forests are being cleared more and more, e.g. to cultivate more palm oil, corn, rapeseed and soy. With us, the farmers get the highest prices for maize and rapeseed, which are then used for biogas plants or biofuel. And so that only the desired plants grow, everything else is sprayed to death. And the insects are dying out. The consequence is bird death.

Pictures of bird death - through monocultures, deforestation and greed for profit

The insects are now almost all extinct and the birds can no longer find anything to eat. What do the birds eat when there are no more insects? Rubbish! Not only do they eat the plastic waste, they also bring it into their nests. The young birds eat plastic waste in the nest and when the margins are full they starve to death. Some birds get tangled in the garbage and are trapped in their nests, they starve to death. All bird species are affected.

Pictures of bird death by eating plastic waste

Everyone should ask themselves what causes most birds to die? Because if you know the cause, then you can also find a remedy. But you also have to want it and not just talk about it like the politicians. I'm just saying glyphosate. But there are many more known causes of bird death. Viruses (e.g. Usutu viruses) and bacteria play a major role in this. The climate change that has been caused by humans is also destroying many species of birds. Thermal insulation on houses destroys many existing breeding grounds. Deforestation destroys bird habitats. Millions of birds die every year from wind turbines, bird flu, road traffic, rail traffic, shooting down, poisoning, safety nets, weasels, free-range cats and dogs, foxes, martens, raccoon dogs and raccoons.

Pictures of bird death through e.g. insect death, plastic waste, wind turbines, pesticides, viruses, cats, raccoons, manure, climate change, thermal insulation

Remedy for bird death

Bird death must be stopped. It can not go on like this. Everyone should contribute something. And he can do that too. Turn your English lawn into a flower meadow for insects. Don't use pesticides because weeds don't exist. Every plant / flower has its place in the ecosystem. Plant bushes and trees with fruit for the birds. Builds nesting aids for cave breeders, sets up feeding areas and bird baths (all year round) for birds, because we are increasingly taking away their habitat and they can no longer find enough food. Do not let your cats and dogs roam free during the breeding and setting periods. Do not chase after the birds, they also want to be left alone. Do not use plastic and collect rubbish in nature reserves, because the animals should feel comfortable in their home and not perish in the rubbish.

Pictures to remedy bird death - food e.g. for insects and birds

You can find more information about bird death at:

Bird death pictures

Pictures of bird death - people are to blame

Now everyone can take action themselves

Maybe everyone will be able to work together to stop the bird death. It's still working, but how much longer? Time is running out.

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