Which cameras are compatible with OpenCV

openCV compatible webcams

I have a similar question at the time.

Good and compatible webcam to do image processing / computer vision?

What kind of camera are you looking for? Any model? Condition the model and I'll let you know if it's good enough.

Lets, you can also find a list of compatible webcams with openCV. It's an old list though. They stopped updating it since 2013 I think. The webcam is compatible with openCV

You will find that most of the popular brands like Hp, Logitech, etc. should work fine. If you are concerned just put the model you are looking for in the comments. I'll see if I know if it's compatible with openCV.


To answer your question in the comment, no, that shouldn't be the case. All cameras can run at the same time and at the same time. Reasons the cameras cannot run at the same time and at the same time is usually due to the USB bandwidth. In fact, most cameras face the same problem.

Some methods to overcome the problem:
1) put a sleep (ms) between the lines of your capture line.
2) Low resolution, reducing the bandwidth used by each camera.
3) Use MJPEG format (compressed images)

OK thank you. In my local store you have in stock the "Logitech C170". NOTE: I read here [link] (aforgenet.com/articles/step_to_stereo_vision), Logitech cameras, ussually the topic that your "camera driver doesn't allow / support viewing both cameras at the same time".
I updated my answer to your question to answer about viewing cameras at the same time. You can consider upvoting my answer if it is useful, or accepting my answer if it works by the tick button under the arrows (: Cheers.

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