How do the Pomeranians smell

This is how Szczecin tastes!

If you take a walk on the Oder promenade, there is a good chance that you will smell the smell of chocolate from a nearby factory. Then you already know what Szczecin smells like. And how does it taste? Paprykarz spreads and patties (pasztecik) are definitely not all that you can enjoy in Szczecin.

Szczecin Patties (Pasztecik Szczeciński)

You have to start with the fast food hit from Szczecin. Pasztecik is not only known as a local yeast delicacy with a hearty filling, but also as the name of a unique gastronomic eatery whose interior design suggests that you have just traveled back in time. A mosaic on the wall, red neon signs and decorations from the People's Republic of Poland create a unique atmosphere. When ordering, please remember that a patty tastes best in a duet with a borscht.

Where can you try it? Al. Wojska Polskiego 46

Szczecin Peperkoken
You probably know the Thorner Lebkuchen. And did you know that spicy baked goods from Szczecin were just as famous in the past? Aromatic anchors, ships or figures of sailors had a special place in the local tradition. During Advent they decorated the Christmas trees set up in the city and delighted the eyes with their maritime motifs. Once available in every German bakery in Szczecin, today they are carefully baked in the "Filipinka" confectionery. It is an excellent idea for a tasty souvenir.

Where can you enjoy them? Filipinka Pastry Shop, Witkiewicza 1b ul.


A sculpture depicting herring barrels is on the Piastowski quay for a reason. It refers to the times when the trade in these fish was flourishing in Szczecin. In the Na Kuncu Korytarza restaurant, you can try the herring, which is prepared in different ways. How about herring or some other fish served in a bun? You can find them in several restaurants or food tracks in the city. They can be found in the Przełomy Café in the Przełomy Dialogue Center (10% discount with the Szczecin Tourist Card - STK) or in the varied fish menu in the Rybarex restaurant (20% discount with SKT).

Where can you enjoy it? Na Kuncu Korytarza restaurant (Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes), ul. Korsarzy 34; Café Przełomy, pl. Solidarności 1; Rybarex Bistro, 45 Małopolska Street.

Stettin spread "Paprykarz"

Paprika spread is the most famous product associated with Szczecin and it tastes best here, freshly prepared by local chefs. There are two places where you can taste it at a discount if you have the Szczecin Tourist Card.

Where? Restaurant Mała Tumska, ul. Mariacka 26 (15% discount with SKT); Restaurant Spiżarnia Szczecińska, pl. Hołdu Pruskiego 8 (15% discount with SKT)

Frittenburger (Frytburger)

French fries in a bun? Some people keep wondering. But "Frittenburger", "Frittendönner" or the most minimalistic roll with french fries usually satisfy the hunger of the Szczecin party-goers in the middle of the night.

Where can you try it? Bar Rab (ul.Krzywoustego 11/13), Bar Mak Kwak (pl.Lotników).


Try the unique alcohol that has been stored in oak barrels in the cellar of the Stettiner Starka for decades. Bottles are sold in a wide range of maturing times.

Where can i buy it? Carmenere, al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 8.

The oldest coffee roastery in Poland
The history of the Korona coffee roastery goes back to 1912, when Erich Baller opened his coffee shop in a tenement house in today's Śląska Street. Today you can enjoy the aroma of coffee roasted in Szczecin in many restaurants. Their list can be found at We particularly recommend the Marschall Food store, where you not only get a discount with the Szczecin Tourist Card, but also get a free cup of coffee when shopping.

Where can you enjoy it? Marshal Food, ul.Generała Ludomiła Rayskiego 23.