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Massive app crashes on Android: How to solve the problem

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Many Android apps currently no longer work: Gmail, Web.de, GMX, Ebay, Amazon, etc. So you can solve the problem immediately.

EnlargeMassive Android glitch: how to solve it
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Google solved a serious problem that caused many Android apps to crash. The trigger was "Android System WebView". This allows Android apps to display web content. But “Android System WebView” no longer worked after the latest update, and many Android apps had crashed since yesterday evening. You can read more about the reason here: Android app disaster - Google names the reason and gives further tips!

This led to the well-known malfunction website showing downdrafts that apparently many well-known web services such as Web.de, GMX, Gmail, Ebay, Amazon, etc. were disturbed. The Magenta TV app for Android also went on strike. In fact, it was not the services mentioned that were disrupted, only the associated Android apps.

How to Solve Android Apps Crashing Problem

Some users posted the correct solution to the problem on downdrafts: “SOLUTION: ANDROID SYSTEM WEBVIEW UPDATE! THEN EVERYTHING RUNS AGAIN, ”for example someone writes under the relevant entry for the allegedly disturbed Gmail. That is exactly the solution: Android System WebView and Google Chrome have to be updated via Google Play to the very latest status and all problems are solved and all Android apps work again. So do this:

  • Open the Google Play Store app

  • Look for Android System WebView

  • Choose the "Update" option

  • Repeat this step for Google Chrome

Google has confirmed this problem and the corresponding solution to the US IT news site The Verge. Google has documented the problem including the solution in the Google Workspace Status Dashboard. According to Google, the problem has been solved since early Tuesday morning in Germany.

Before Google quickly solved the problem and provided a new update for “Android System WebView”, Android users affected were able to fix the problem by manually removing the last update for “Android System WebView” that caused the error. The support from Samsung, for example, advised this measure and also provided instructions for it.

You don't have to go this way anymore, you simply install the latest version provided by Google for “Android System WebView” as described above. After doing this, all Android apps should work again.

During the failure of the Android apps, however, all services could be used via the web frontend without any problems. Gmail, Web.de, GMX, Amazon, Ebay etc. were not themselves affected by the failure.

Android app disaster - Google names the reason and gives further tips!

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