Why are Indian foods popular in Denmark

Supermarket in Denmark prevents hamster purchases with a brilliant idea

Buying hamsters is a challenge for supermarkets.

In many countries, pasta, toilet paper and other long-life products are sometimes sold out.

In a Danish supermarket chain, the price of the second bottle of disinfectant increases from 5.40 euros to 135 euros.

Hamster purchases are currently a concern of supermarkets and drug stores in many countries. Pasta, flour and toilet paper are among the most popular products, alongside mouthguards and disinfectant sprays.

The corresponding shelves are often completely empty because many frightened people are stocking up with long-lasting products. Articles that may protect against infection - such as disinfectant spray - are also in high demand.

Coronavirus causes the demand for disinfectants to rise dramatically

Many people with pre-existing illnesses and medical staff urgently need these products. Meny, a Danish-Norwegian supermarket chain, has now prevented further hamster purchases of disinfectants with an ingeniously simple idea.

A picture is shared on Twitter that the supermarket is drastically changing the pricing of disinfectants. A bottle costs 40 Danish kroner, which is the equivalent of around 5.40 euros. From the second bottle, however, the price rises to 1,000 Danish kroner, which corresponds to around 135 euros.

In this way, significantly fewer customers will use a second bottle of disinfectant.

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