Facebook search engine will work for it

What is the Facebook Search Social Graph

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Facebook activates a new search function: the social graph. In contrast to the previous search, it is a semantic software that can interpret and understand conditions. So you no longer search with keywords, but expand the search by factors, for example through descriptions such as “Find all friends who were in my city yesterday”.

Social Graph: How does the new search work?

The idea behind the new search function is simple: Because a keyword in the mass of data has long since ceased to provide an exact result, the data is searched for in an extended manner. The aim is to provide suitable answers to questions from Facebook users who want to know, for example: "Which restaurant do my friends visit most often?" or “Which friends of my friends in my city like to go to the football stadium?”
The experts at tn3 explain how this works in this video:

What data does the Social Graph search?

In principle, the data of all Facebook users and everything that they have ever published can be searched. Every post, every like, every geotag entry you leave on Facebook. But this also includes the entries of your friends that concern you: If a friend has tagged you on a photo, then this data is also available. Basically, however, no more data is visible than even without a social graph. The difference: before, it wasn't that easy to find the data.

This becomes problematic where Facebook has been criticized for a long time: Many people carelessly reveal details on the social network. Or they don't stop your friends from doing this for them. Facebook's data protection settings are not narrow by default; users have to consciously control what is made public about them. Now the data isn't just online - it's easy to find too.

Who can use the new Facebook search engine?

So far, Social Graph has only been activated for users who have set “US English” as the language in their account. A German version is to follow. If you don't want to wait for it, you can activate the Social Graph function via this link after logging in to Facebook.