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I can't do it anymore, what should I do? 5 tips from the crisis

“I can't go on” - a thought that is hardly ever uttered in our performance-oriented society. We are used to functioning, hardly showing any weakness and certainly not saying “I'm finished”. When asked "How are you", we expect the answer "Thank you, you?" It was the same with Gerhard. He exhausted himself for years until one day he just couldn't anymore - he was mentally and physically exhausted. His diagnosis of burnout. If he looks back now, he would have done a few things differently back then to prevent burnout. This article has 5 tips if you feel like everything is getting too much for you.

I can't take it anymore - What about you?

Think about it, how often has a person said to you openly and honestly: "Everything is getting too much for me?" Probably not many. Nevertheless, the number of people who are affected by burnout or depression is increasing. Hardly anyone talks about it when you are not feeling well. It would be extremely important to also take care of your psyche. Even more: It is an important realization to notice “I can no longer”. Why? So you can admit that something should be changed in your life. If you feel overwhelmed and your thoughts become more and more negative, action is required. Be it in the form of help from an expert or by taking steps out of the crisis.

Why do I feel overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed - This feeling or thought sounds familiar to all of us. There are simply situations in life that pose challenges for us. New situations can also cause us to be overwhelmed, that is quite normal. But sometimes we come to a point where “nothing works”, where we just think “I can't anymore”.

The thought “I can't go on” has a history. With Gerhard it was the case that he spent himself in his job, his son was born and he was also a member of the board of an association. Rest and relaxation were foreign words to him. Since he was rarely at home and when he was, tired and limp, this often led to an argument. He felt inundated with stimuli, responsibility and stress. The stressful factors outweighed those that gave him strength again.

What can I do when everything is too much for me? 5 tips

1. I can't take it anymore - but why not?

“I can't go on” is a warning to ourselves, but at the same time a very general one. What exactly triggers the feeling of listlessness and exhaustion in you? What exactly worries you and what is stressful for you? Which things cause you to be overwhelmed? Find out as precisely as possible which topics are causing you headaches. If you don't know what your vital exhaustion is like, you can find out here.

2. Find your stressors

This also includes finding out what stressors are in your life:

  • Does your job burn you out?
  • Are there always arguments in the family?
  • Do you feel too little supported in the partnership?
  • Have you made too many commitments on yourself?

The list can go on indefinitely and is very individual. Find out why you think “I'm finished” and where your listlessness might be coming from.

3. All too much - change what you can change

“Everything is too much for me”. Differentiate this thought. Because if you think “everything” then you are even more overwhelmed. Think step by step and in detail. When you have identified the factors and situations that lead to fatigue, listlessness and stress in you, you can tackle them. Start with one topic, the one that worries you most.

Example: Gerhard worked an 80-hour week. So work was his biggest stress factor. 1. Did he work too much, which ultimately burned him out. From this it followed 2. that he quarreled with his wife, because she felt left alone with bringing up the child. More factors were added. So Gerhard had no time to relax at work or in his private life, which ultimately caused him to slide into burnout. After he began to talk to a psychologist in an online consultation, it became clear to him where the origin of his problem lay: He had to reduce his working hours, which relaxed his overall life situation.

4. Accept what cannot be changed

I can't take it anymore - This statement may apply to your inner state of mind. Not that you can accept what you cannot change anyway. Often things stress us the most that we cannot change anyway. With Gerhard it was the club. Many scenarios took place there over which he had no influence. Still, they worried and stressed him. We all have things that we always get angry about but cannot change. Be aware: what cannot be changed can only be accepted. If one is not obliged to stay in the situation, one should leave it.

5. I can’t take any more breaks

Breaks, vacations and free time are for people as with technical devices the charging of the battery. Absolutely necessary for it to be functional again. Regardless of whether you are a mother of three and fully employed or whether you are single and childless: You need rest and relaxation. Time for yourself, in which there is nothing but rest and relaxation. Switch off from the world around you, you will notice that you will feel better afterwards. This post provides tips on how to make sure that you take time out regularly.

In the graphic you will find a summary of the tips against overload:

Do not judge yourself if you feel “I can't anymore”. It is a sign that you can consciously perceive that something is wrong. Follow this sign and change something about your condition. It doesn't always have to be alone. If you suspect you may have burnout or depression, there are many ways you can feel better again. Our online advice can also help you with this.


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