How does the story of Jaime Lannisters end

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Is this story a spoiler? Well, Game of Thrones fans shouldn't be surprised that Jaime Lannister (actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) stays on the HBO hit until his final episode.


Harper’s Bazaar reported this week that Jaime will appear in all six episodes of the show’s final season, as opposed to just four as originally reported.

To that we say: Whatever the highly Valyrian equivalent of 'No duh' is. The Kingslayer is just as important for the final season as Daenerys, Jon Snow or one of the Starks. His fate is by no means inextricably linked to the battle for the Iron Throne. He has an integral role to play in the long-awaited end of the series.


After all, Jaime's clash with sister lover Cersei, who may or may not be pregnant with her fourth child (she lied before), is inevitable. The fortune teller Maggy the Frog told a young Cersei that the Valonqar would one day kill her, and 'Valonqar' means 'little brother', which could be Jaime or Tyrion since they are both younger.


There are numerous theories about the role Jaime will play in a really bloody finale. But no matter which way he goes, the authors definitely don't put him on the bench early.

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