Are the Trump rally tickets free

Empty ranks: Tiktok teens want to have sabotaged Trump event

Tiktok users and K-pop fans want to be responsible for empty ranks at Trump's rally in Tulsa. As the "New York Times" reports, they asked collectively for tickets, which they in turn did not use. This should set an example. The protest apparently had an effect. Many seats remained empty at the venue. A video transmission outside the arena was also canceled because the hoped-for influx did not take place.

Organized protest over Tiktok

The protest had its origins as early as June 11th. At that time, Trump's election campaign team called for tickets for the event to be secured with their smartphones. As a result, tons of videos were published on Tiktok in which several users spoke out in favor of registering for the event and then simply not coming. The protest spilled over to other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Another nuisance for Trump

Incidentally, the young people used false names and addresses for the tickets, which is likely to cause additional annoyance for Trump's election campaign team. This data would have been used to recruit people for Trump's campaign. The absence of many visitors to the rally was commented on by the fact that troublemakers had to be turned away at the door and they blocked the entrance. In addition, Trump's spokesman said that inquiries with fake phone numbers had been screened out in advance.

Software is always under criticism

Tiktok is an app that is particularly popular with younger people. On the platform, users can upload short videos and share them with others. Tiktok is owned by the Chinese technology giant Byte-Dance. This is repeatedly criticized due to data protection violations. Only recently, the company is said to have violated data protection regulations again and not adhered to an agreement. (red, June 21, 2020)