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OnPage optimization

Are you only on the second page of Google or do you want more organic traffic on your website?

I will help you to get a top ranking on Google for your desired keywords with the help of professional OnPage optimization. On-page optimization should always precede off-page optimization (backlink construction). It is a prerequisite for a good ranking. OnPage optimization takes place directly on your website. After an in-depth analysis, I focus on the technical, content and structural weaknesses of your website.

OffPage Optimization

Would you like more backlinks to your site and are you looking for a freelancer to support you with link building?

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you here - I do not offer off-page optimization. I am convinced that the cost-benefit ratio for generating high-quality backlinks is now very poor. My resources are therefore used much more efficiently elsewhere. I am happy to recommend specialists from my network for this.

Keyword research

You do not know your keywords or do you want to find out which search terms are suitable for your offer?

With the help of a sophisticated keyword research in my professional SEO tool KW-Finder, I check whether you are “betting on the right horse” and “not riding a dead horse” with your keywords. At the same time, keyword research is also the first choice when it comes to identifying potential keywords for your services or products.

SEO seminars

Would you like to impart basic SEO knowledge to your employees so that they can take care of your website independently?

I would be happy to train your employees as part of condensed SEO seminars. If you wish, I will be happy to work for you as an SEO coach afterwards.