Is the future safe for humans?


Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer:

Our European conference of transport ministers has overcome the corona restrictions: We have brought Passau to Berlin and brought Europe's capitals together! At the informal meeting / conference of the transport ministers, we showed the innovation location Passau to the whole of Europe. Passau has innovative research, excellent research centers and also offers the ideal breeding ground for startups. That is why we gave a virtual tour of the “Chances of Digitization” exhibition at the University of Passau. Astronaut Dr. Alexander Gerst and Professor Matthias Nießner from the Technical University of Munich on Artificial Intelligence.

Shaping the mobility of the future with digitalization - sustainable, safe and efficient:

To the Passau Declaration

With the Passau Declaration - the Smart Deal for Mobility - we are jointly setting the course for digital mobility in Europe and thus for our future:

  1. We put people at the center of the digitization of mobility. The needs of the people - in the city and in the country - are included from the start.
    Example: Autonomous vehicles bring their passengers safely to their destination, drones and delivery robots transport parcels right to the front door. This is not only better mobility, it also protects our climate.
  2. The virtual communication that many are currently experiencing in the home office will complement our current physical mobility.
    That means: We are shifting traffic from the road to the data networks. This not only helps with overcrowded streets, but also helps us achieve our climate goals.
  3. Data creates an ever more precise digital image of the physical world. Buildings, plants, bodies of water and streets are mapped in real time, as are vehicles, people and goods. Autonomous cars, for example, can drive safely to their destination or drones drop their parcels only with a millimeter-accurate representation of reality. The data also help to plan personal mobility or to design reliable supply chains.

Acceptance of the Passau Declaration:

Our vision of the future for Europe

Focus on people: Our mobility must not be at the expense of our environment, health and the natural foundations of life. That means:

  • For the mobility of people: a reliable fulfillment of individual mobility needs for everyone - regardless of income, age or place of residence.
  • For the mobility of goods: reliable availability of goods for everyone, anytime and anywhere - especially in times of crisis.
  • For the mobility of data: free flow of information based on the highest standards and for data sovereignty in the European data space. Mobility as the basis for innovative applications.

We want to work actively with the European institutions to make this vision a reality. Together we want to ensure that Europe uses the opportunities of digitization for future-proof mobility, a strong economy with secure, attractive jobs and a liveable, climate-neutral future.

Press conference: