What is your extra income

Additional income: This is how you earn an additional income

Build up additional income with passive income

One way to earn something with a part-time job is to build up a passive income. In short, passive income means that you generate a continuous flow of money without having to actively do anything in return. Many therefore describe passive income as a source of income that is generated without much work and effort. Let me tell you straight away: That's not true.

The most important basis for passive income to function as additional income is the fact that in any case an investment must first be made on your part. It would be too nice if you could actually earn money yourself without any effort, but that is not the case even with passive income. The investment can take the form of a financial investment, but does not have to be. Especially for extra income and without large capital reserves, it is usually more attractive and relevant to invest working hours in order to enable you to earn extra income over a longer period of time.

In this case in particular, there is usually a relationship between effort and income that is not really worthwhile. In other words, you initially put in a lot of effort without generating a proportionate return. The decisive factor for a reliable additional income is to get to the point where you invest less time, but generate significantly more income proportionally. However, this is a construct that needs to be developed. By the time you get there, your project will work more as a hobby. Therefore, you should adjust the area in which you want to generate your extra income according to your possibilities and preferences.

Examples of other passive sources of income

So what can an additional passive income look like? In fact, there are tons of ways to do this. Here are some examples:

  • If you produce music yourself, you can make it available for download on various platforms and earn money with it without a record deal.
  • Taking photos gives you the opportunity to sell them as stock photos for web articles.
  • The development of software and apps can also be used as additional income through sales or advertising income.
  • The sale of products can be outsourced through trading partners, such as Amazon FBA.
  • Subletting your own apartment can be lucrative for regional events or on your own vacation. Various portals offer the possibility of making your own premises available for a fee.

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Generate extra income from what you own

The article linked above describes many ways in which you can build up an additional income. The other option is to generate the part-time job according to your own strengths and interests. To do this, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your strengths? What are you good at and in which areas do you know better than others?
  • What are your interests? Which activities and issues are you enthusiastic about?
  • If you are interested in this area, what help or assistance would you like? What else helps people in these areas?
  • Which projects would you like to tackle in one of your favorite areas?

If you find an area of ​​activity that really interests you in this way, you will benefit from several advantages:

  • You already have the basis for what you do in you. Since you are interested in the field, it is very likely that you already have a wealth of knowledge with you to fill this field. You don't have to laboriously familiarize yourself with the topic, you already have all the basics for a quick start.
  • You will find it easier to deal with this area. You are not working your way through an area that has the purely additional income as a goal, but which gives you pleasure yourself. The important keyword here is intrinsic motivation, i.e. the motivation from yourself to advance your project.
  • A lot of personal interest is a perfect basis for generating above-average results, more relevant content and concepts compared to the market.

In this way you will find an excellent basis to make money from what you already have.

Additional income: what should be considered?

If you want to generate additional additional income, you have to adhere to the rules that apply in Germany. In principle, the multiple employment relationships must not collide with one another. This means that, despite the part-time job, you have to carry out your main work in accordance with the contractual regulations. In addition, the provisions of the Working Time Act must be complied with. This states that the maximum working time of ten hours a day must not be exceeded. So if you work eight hours in your main occupation, your part-time job can only work for a maximum of two hours.

In addition, the so-called non-competition clause applies in Germany. This means that you could run into problems if you do your part-time job at a competing company of your main employer. If you violate the ban, you are liable to pay compensation to your employer. A termination may also be justified under certain circumstances.

In addition, you are not allowed to do a part-time job during your vacation time, which you are entitled to from your main job, which could stand in the way of your recovery. The purpose of your vacation is that you can relax. If you work instead, this is not legally permitted. The same applies to incapacity for work due to illness. During this time you are not allowed to do a part-time job, as the focus here is on recovering from an illness.

12 ways to generate extra income

Now it is a matter of choosing a suitable part-time job in order to be able to earn a lucrative part-time income. In the following we present twelve ways with which you can earn a profitable additional income.

1. Copywriter, editor or translator

If you are particular about writing or you enjoy correcting texts, you should think about a job as an editor or copywriter. There are numerous providers on the Internet for this, with whom you can register and accept orders. How much you earn with it depends on the quality of your texts and your client.

If you are also fluent in a foreign language, the part-time job as a translator may be just right for you. Here, too, there are numerous online platforms on which translators are sought. For business translations in particular, people are constantly being sought who not only know the correct grammar, but who can also understand and convey the meaning behind the texts. This job, like many others, is ideally suited to be done online from home.

2. Senior caregivers

If you enjoy caring for, engaging with, or shopping for older people, this job is ideal for you. In doing so, you not only earn additional money, but you can also make other people happy with your company. This is not a nursing service. Therefore, you do not need any special training or the like for the job. It's all about keeping people company, going for a walk with them, playing something with them, or just talking to them. With this part-time job, you are paid by the hour and can earn up to ten euros per hour

3. Create your own online shop

If you have your own products that you would like to sell to other people, it can be worthwhile to set up your own online shop. Of course, this is very laborious because you have to create it first, but once it has established itself, it can be very profitable. Another, slightly less time-consuming option is to sell your products on Amazon. The advantage: Amazon takes care of the storage and shipping of your products. This saves you a lot of work, but you have to give part of your profit to Amazon.

4. Become an extra

Extras or extras are used for television and film productions and are regularly searched for. After all, in addition to the main characters, numerous other people have to be present in a film in order to fill the whole scene with life and make it seem so real. And the good thing about the extra job: Anyone can do it. All you have to do is register on the mediation platforms for film productions. There you can then regularly check for offers and choose the ones that suit you and your profile.

The payment in this part-time job is mostly a daily rate. Up to a certain hourly rate, usually six hours, you receive a fixed amount. This is often around 60 euros. For additional hours that go beyond the fixed hourly rate, you will receive a surcharge for overtime.

5. Product Tester

Before a product goes on the market, of course, companies have to test whether they will work or whether they will serve their purpose. As a product tester, you get different products from different manufacturers conveniently sent to your home. The manufacturer will tell you exactly how to test the products. Often you will then have to write some kind of review and send it to the company. In many cases you can receive a wage of up to 40 euros with it. In addition, the products can be kept in many cases.

6. Answer online surveys

Answering online surveys is arguably one of the least expensive part-time jobs. These are carried out by large market research institutes for which new survey participants are constantly being sought online. If you answer a survey catalog, you will be paid for by the institute. On average, answering surveys for 10 minutes earns around one euro, sometimes more, sometimes less. So the most important thing here is the amount of surveys you answer. So it's a convenient way to make money from home with little effort.

7. Make money with your car

You only need your car very rarely, so that most of the time it is just sitting around somewhere? Then just rent it out to others. After all, your car costs you money if it's just standing around. Then it is more worthwhile to make this available to others and earn money on the side. To do this, you can simply register on a platform such as turo or snappcar, put your car online and state the price per hour.

Another way to make money from your car is through advertising. Because even if it sounds a little old-fashioned: You can still make very good money with car advertising.

8. Waiting in a restaurant or bar

It might sound like a typical student job, but working as a waiter in a restaurant or bar on the side can be a very lucrative job for anyone. In addition to the fixed remuneration, depending on how well you are doing your job, there is often a decent tip. In order to be able to earn good money here, you should have an open and open-minded personality and be happy to meet other people. In addition, the job is quite physically demanding, so you should definitely be fit to do the job. Jobs at public festivals, such as the Oktoberfest, are particularly profitable and well paid. This is usually not a job on the side, but you should be available around the clock for a few days in a row.

9. Give tutoring

Are you particularly fit in math, English or chemistry? Then the classic job as a tutor is just the right thing for you to earn something on the side. Tutors are constantly being sought, often via local advertisements such as notices, via intermediary portals or via social networks. So, see if you can find a job near you that you can do after work or on the weekend.

10. Cleaning of public buildings

As soon as supermarkets, offices or other public buildings close their gates, they must of course be cleaned so that everything is tidy and clean the next day. This is also a good way to generate some extra money with extra income. It is particularly practical that the working hours are outside of the classic office hours. So you can start cleaning public buildings after work and earn a little extra money.

11. Transfer of vehicles

Every day thousands of vehicles have to be moved from one place to another for various reasons. Often it is car rental companies, car dealerships or workshops that have to drive vehicles from A to B. For this purpose, drivers are regularly sought to take on this job. Many jobs can be easily reconciled with normal working hours, so that the job can be done well as an extra income. Various providers can be found online for this purpose.

12. Generate additional income with your blog

Are you passionate about writing a blog? Or would you like to share your thoughts on a specific topic with others via a blog? Then you can also earn good money with it as a part-time job. You can place advertising banners on your website very well, with which you can earn a few cents with a click. Of course, this is only worthwhile if you have a high number of visitors who visit your site. Another option is to use affiliate marketing. Here you can insert links from different products in your blog post. In the best case, these should of course fit thematically to your content. If a reader then buys a product via your link, you will receive a commission for it. So it can be very worthwhile for you to generate additional income with your blog.

Basically, the whole range of e-business is ideally suited to make money with it. In the digital age, the internet is the biggest platform you can get. It is easily accessible, ideally implemented, reaches many people and gives you a lot of leeway to implement and publish your own ideas. From this you can either generate advertising income like on YouTube or your own websites or market your own products. It is important that you achieve the highest possible relevance for potential interested parties. In many places we have already provided you with detailed information on how you can achieve this. Among other things, you can use the following articles as a basis for this.


Nothing comes from nothing - this is also the case with passive income. However, there are numerous opportunities for you to make your way there pleasant and to be able to live out your own interests. This gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences without a comparatively large amount of effort in order to help other people and to generate added value. In times of e-business in particular, this is the easiest method to develop permanent additional income without having to invest a lot of capital - and sometimes even working from home.