Provides Google MapReduce as a service

Big Data: Map Reduce (MRS)

SaaS solution for analyzing large amounts of data

Many applications generate large amounts of data, from the evaluations of which business-relevant statements can be drawn. However, the evaluation of immense amounts of data requires suitable platforms with adequate technical capacities and options. MapReduce is widely used for analysis, processing and streaming of mass data. The MapReduce Framework consists of a suite of different tools that take on tasks such as data acquisition, storage, streaming and analysis.

MapReduce Service on the Open Telekom Cloud

MapReduce Service (MRS) on the Open Telekom Cloud creates complete clusters with separate functions for data storage and processing. All cluster management functions are triggered via REST API or via console access (creation, configuration, expansion, downsizing, searching). These can - depending on the scenario chosen - work either integrated or separately. When using Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS), simultaneous storage and processing is possible. This scenario is suitable for continuous or frequent use. If data is only to be evaluated occasionally, the use of object storage, which offers a lower transmission speed, is recommended. MRS offers the following analysis and data management tools: HBase, Hive, Spark, Hadoop, Loader. Another component of the suite is Zookeeper. Kafka, Storm, Carbon Data, Flume are available as streaming services. The service is billed to the hour (VMs including licenses for software images) plus costs for data storage.