Are pollution masks really effective

BROYX Sport Alfa Pollution Mask CE

The BROYX ALFA anti-smog and anti-allergy mask is personal protective equipment certified under EU law and bears the CE safety mark. All research and certification were carried out in a leading center in Poland, i. H. The Central Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CIOP) in Łódź.

At Broyx Alpha, the mask coating is an openwork polyester fleece that guarantees exceptional vapor permeability and perspiration wicking. The use of "mesh" increases the comfort of using the mask on warmer days.


As a sports profile mask, BROYX ALFA guarantees low breathing resistance and a high degree of filtration. Provides protection from air pollution:

- PM10, PM2.5, PM0.3 and smaller dusts

- aerosols

- Smog

- inhalation allergens

- benzopyrene


The mask is equipped with 2 valves that allow you to breathe out freely.

The "heart" of the solution is a four-layer, replaceable filter with a layer of activated carbon and HEPA E12 99.5% electrostatic fleece. Their advantage is a low breathing resistance and a high degree of filtration.


The high efficiency of the filter results from the special structure of the filter layer - its fibers are electrostatically charged, which attracts suspended particles and air droplets and facilitates their deposition on the filter fleece.

A low breathing resistance results from the optimal filter design, which results from laboratory tests. The BROYX 4P1 filter performs well for most urban applications. The elimination of thick and high-resistance layers of nonwovens is also important for the filter structure.

The BROYX ALFA mask is intended for people who are sensitive to soiling and who are in places with high levels of dust, fungus and other pollution.



· BROYX 4P1 filter - for effective filtration

· BROYX VALVE V2 valves - for easier exhalation

· Material canopy polyester = very high breathability and vapor permeability

· 360 ° design = the mask attached to the back offers the possibility of a precise fit

· Stable wide Velcro fastener = easy size adjustment

· Reflector on the back of the mask = increased safety

· Very light weight = comfort and stability on the head

· Sealed toes = comfort and tightness

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