How did the Goo Goo Dolls start

Almost as cool as Goo Goo Dolls: Car Seat Headrest live in Cologne

If you go to concerts in Cologne's Luxor, you can be sure of two things: that he * she will sweat away completely and that the same people from Pappenheim will be in front of the stage as at the last concerts. Not so with Car Seat Headrest.

At a Car Seat Headrest concert you first argue with your friends for a reasonable while about whether this is a band or a solo artist. "Yes, but at Insta singer Will Toledo is called @notcarseatheadrest!" - so it must be a band somehow. And it is also true that Will Toledo will be expanded live to include a guitarist, bassist and drummer. And about the delightful Boi, who appears alternately with a bell ring or cowbell at the front edge of the stage. But it's also true that Toledo sang his first songs when he was 17 in the back seat of the family car. That he started playing all the instruments himself. And that the current album "Twin fantasy“As a band, it's just a very, very nice re-recording of Toledo’s 2011 work without a band.

Everybody’s swinging their hips / everybody’s giving the waitress tips

Since this argument cannot be completely resolved, you can then proceed to be amazed. In this case, about the fact that the air conditioning in the hose-like Luxor works so well and you can possibly carry your striped shirt with cut-off jeans out of the store again. But also about the fact that the Car Seat Headrest audience seems to be a cross-section of society. First of all there are obernerds with Car Seat Headrest shirts from 2012 next to teenagers with Car Seat Headrest shirts from 2018. Behind them are the parents of the kids. And then the usual music critics interested in LoFi. And while some at Twin fantasy-Hit Bodysuits reminiscing about their own time with the guitar in the backseat of their parents, the others jump in the air because they say "Everybody’s swinging their hips / everybody’s giving the waitress tips“Only recently celebrated at the first indie party of their lives. A re-release that connects.

Jelly vocals on noisy background

I myself am a fan grrl of the 2018 version and have to mention at this point that I would completely freak out on a full album show. More nerdy intermediate announcements in the style of “Is This The Chorus Yet?”, Which Toledo sprinkles on the album as thought fragments and thus tinkered the whole thing into a concept album, would also put me in ecstasy live. Instead, I celebrate how the entire audience can be transformed into a college-rock-partying hopping crowd as soon as Toledo hits the line "Drugs are better with friends“(2016) has repeated for about the eighth time. Ecstasy through repetition. Jelly vocals on noisy background. And then throw these moments in the air and finally feel close to the 90s again: America and Drunk Drivers / Killers these goo goo dolls have moments live. When all increases come to a climax. You're somehow beyond the wickedness of the world and want to celebrate all the horror. Apocalyptic and heartbreaking at the same time. You might even start sweating a little now.