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Fallout 76 Junk and Loot Locations Guide

Fail76is full of all kinds of loot hidden in a bin of rubbish. Anyway goodFailFan knows it's all about hoarding everything, right? Not so much inFallout 76where weight limits and storage limits become an early factor. This means that when it comes to weight management, you need to be smart and know where the best spots to loot and what to leave behind.


Fallout 76 Weight Limit Management Guide

It is really easy to get overloadedFallout 76. When you are overloaded, your AP will drop with every step you take, which is very annoying when you are trying to run away from a dangerous enemy.

Open your Pip Boy and navigate to the Items menu to view your maximum capacity and current weight. Two numbers are displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. The first is how much your inventory weighs and the second is your maximum capacity.

The easiest way to shed a few pounds is to stop by any workbench (other than cooking stations) and scrap your trash. Junk breaks down into artisanal components like fabric and wood that weigh much less than shovels or clothing. In the trash menu, press Y / Triangle to quickly remove all of your trash. Once you are in camp, the scrapped junk will remain in your inventory.

Your stash box can be found in your warehouse, but also in retail outlets and other locations here and there around the world. Your stash box is universally linked. So when you paste an article into an article, it will be available in all locations. Keep non-scrapped rubbish in your box. The limit is only 400, and if you find them, save space on Power Armor components and Fusion Cores as they take up about a quarter of that limit. Some craft materials like wood and cloth can be grouped into bulk versions. These bulk resources can also be sold to sellers at a reasonable price. When you find too much of a thing, just sell it for caps.

For your personal loot weight limit, you also need to be more targeted when choosing your weapons. Instead of packing up every weapon you find, you might want to take just one or two of each type with you, or just focus on one type of weapon. The best thing to do is to let your ammunition count determine your weapons. Scrapping weapons creates materials and releases new mods.

Guns are usually the heaviest things in your inventory. So it is important that you keep things simple and keep some of the heavy weapons until you go up a few steps. Missile launchers are way too heavy for the limited damage missiles can take. Just skip these or throw them away quickly. Shotguns are heavy too.

Fallout 76 Guide to Loot Locations

The best loot we've gone through so far comes from the campaign missions. These usually culminate in an area where you can loot the area or a tougher enemy wearing good gear. The nice thing about sticking to the campaign missions is that the loot is usually level grade too, meaning you can use your new finds right away.

Outside of campaign missions, some lucrative loot locations have popped up. YouTube is filled with videos from different places or tries to reach those places. A video from Savage Discavage shows that there are multiple safes in the Pleasant Hills Cemetery, each one filled with loot. Pleasant Hills Cemetery is toward the southwest corner of the map. There is a sign “Eerie Caves” nearby on the world map.

Another interesting spot for prey is a rope course east of Flatwood, as seen in this video from Humble Assassins. According to the video, at the end of the course in the wooden tower there is an agility bobblehead, a lot of hats and a bunch of stimpacks.

There aren't any particularly bad loot spots likefateThe infamous loot cave we've found so farFallout 76.

How to loot in Fallout Smart 76

NewFailPlayers will likely have an easier time than seasoned fans leaving trash on the floor. in theFallout 4Settlements offered unlimited stash boxes and huge construction sites so there was never any need to be selective. in theFallout 76Players shouldn't be recording everything they see, and they need to be more careful looting the trash if they want to cover vast distances on foot without complaining.

Start by ignoring things that only steel and wood can offer. You can see in your Pip Boy's Junk menu which components will give you a scrapped piece of junk. These materials are common and, if you come across them, can almost always be found near your campsite. Complex junk, like typewriters, alarm clocks, and microscopes, add multiple components and add value.

Prioritize the glue until you have a warehouse in which you can make vegetable starches (tato, mutfruit, corn, purified water) or until you have a supply of at least 50. The glue is an important component in weapon and armor mods / repairs. Since carrying a light arsenal is key to success, you always want to have the best in the best condition. Tape, wound glue and homemade glue are almost always worthwhile.

Unlike previous gamesFallout 76puts much more emphasis on food. It's light, it's useful, and if you look around, it's almost everywhere. Always scoop out junk food cans, dog cans, and stews, as well as whatever boiled water you come across. Dirty water is never worth it as you should place your camp near a water source for easy access.

So what do you think Are you ready to go out and look for prey?Fallout 76? Have you found good loot spots yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments below.